Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ted Cruz now preying on Senile old Geezers

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Ted Cruz has sunk to new lows. I mean how perverse can one be in taking advantage of the toughest man on the planet in Chuck Norris.

Yes that is the case, as Cruz weezled his way into the trusting good graces of Chuck Norris, Texas Ranger, and conned Mr. Norris into appearing on stage, with the once again Cruz whispers that Chuck Norris had endorsed birtha, black man lyncher, liar Ted Cruz.............and then suddenly just before Chuck was to take the stage, he cancelled on Ted Cruz.

You might recall that it was Chuck's son who was working on a movie with a Texas billionaire called Amerigeddon who denounced Ted Cruz as a seems that Chuck's son had to rescue his geezer father from the evil clutches of the notorious Ted Cruz.

How far can Ted Cruz descend? Yesterday it was lynching black man Ben Carson in Iowa, politically raping Sarah Palin, and now today it is Ted Cruz taking advantage of Chuck Norris.

One laments that Chuck Norris had not stuck around and administered some Norris justice.

Is this what you Cruz Boogers signed up for? Taking advantage of Chuck Norris?