Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cruz Tribulation or Trump Lives Matter

Donald Trump meets his match in Wisconsin radio interview

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a warning due to the fact that satan and the cartel has risen up a Sean Hannity, telling everyone now that we must follow  Ted Cruz back into the abyss.

I will remind everyone that this blog explained what this 2016 election was about in God's eyes. God saw America submit to a foreigner in the apostate Birther Obama, who stole two election for the Presidency, and in 2016, God being Gracious, offered America one last opportunity to choose life or death.
The left in America threw away Jesus for messiah Obama, and that is what Ted Cruz is to God, another 'face of god' foreigner, this time for the right wing to prove if they are of God, or the exact equal of apostate as the Obama voter.

The reason this matters is simple. Judgment will come upon America in the Great Tribulation. It will either be absolute in double proportioned in only a remnant survives, or it will be a Donald Trump in the vestige of Jehu, delivering a majority of Americans from extermination.
America will bleed for her evils, but God will allow those who choose correctly to escape with their lives.

I have told you that Jeremiah the Prophet was put into a quagmire pit as the Prophet of God, and would have died there, if not for an Ethiopian eunuch who spoke to the ruler for him. None of you are Jeremiah, so do not expect to escape with more than your lives, if Ted Cruz is successful for this cartel, and confirmation of American evil is installed in Hillary Clinton.

The Cruz voters are political apostates and religious apostates, and I will not submit to Pied Piper Sean Hannity, calling that evil something to tolerate. Ted Cruz is not Constitutional. Ted Cruz is not Jesus. Ted Cruz is not the face of God. Ted Cruz is in favor of amnesty and Ted Cruz will bring war to America if he destroys Donald Trump.

This is it. The decision is yours, and that decision includes allowing vote fraud to expand, the increased persecutions of Corey Lewandowski now, and none of you saying exactly what Wisconsin is. Wisconsin is the Grassy Knoll for Donald Trump. The elite are attempting DEATH BY CHEESEHEAD to blame again the lone nuts of the Cruz boogers in the same way Lee Harvey Oswald was the patsy for greater plans of the elite.

I have warned you, all of you, and you expect me to save you in poverty. I can save myself, I can look out for TL and Mom, and do my best for the animals, and pray for the Faithful, but do not think that those who stole information from this blog, lied about me, and left me for dead, are going to get anything but God's wrath in what is coming.

I am through sucking the nipple for you and wiping your asses. I am going with Donald Trump out of this abyss, and if your decision is to climb back in with Ted Cruz or John Kasich, that is your grave.

I am though reminding you again of what I posted here at the start of this. You make the wrong decision and America will one day be scorched earth and you will be responsible as you were warned.

I could no more vote for Ted Cruz than I could Fidel Castro for President as neither are eligible.
I have better things to do now than praise the fertilizer of your corpse growing grass for the deer and antelope to hay.
Your jeers against Donald Trump will turn into tears
Your cheers for Ted Cruz will turn into your worst fears. 

-Lame Cherry