Wednesday, March 30, 2016

On the War Path

Uggh you like being raped, tortured and fed to dogs first time

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was talking to a girl today who I was Confirmed with and the following is the account which I thought I would share.

So our friend, I will call her Brunella, as no one is called that, said she woke up at 3 AM to go to the bathroom and turned her light on, and discovered her rural neighborhood had numbers of police swarming around. This is the same police who are allowing my stop sign to be a dope drop off.

Any way, so she finds out that 3 renegade Indians were chased off the rez by the Tribal Police, who then phoned it in to the white folks police to handle these 3 meth heads. In case you did not know, the American Indian who you fund with casino and welfare, that likes to Paiute shoot LaVoy Finicum, is divested of their money not in whiskey, but in Meth. Indians go to meth like blow flies to shit.

So this goes on for awhile, and the story was the cops chased the meth car into her field, which got stuck or something and the 3 Indians made a sprint for it. The cops chased down 2, but one was on the loose.

The 2 Indians assured the cops that Tonto was a mile and a half over, so they all started pulling out..........and Brunella says to them, "Ah how about a car staying here as I am all alone and what if the Papoose comes back?"
No such deal as it must have been donut time, and of course Tonto was in the next section........where apparently those white folks were supposed to just fend for themselves.

So they pull out, and not long after Brunella hears someone kicking her trying to kick the damn thing in. She says this is a big metal door and she is not impressed, so she calls the cops and informs them the Indian is back and trying to break in. She calls her son, and asks him to come and come to the rescue as Tonto is still meth kicking the hell out of the door.

So this goes on for a half hour.........yes a half hour, and no cops, but by that time the Indian has shattered the wood frame, the top sill has splintered, and Brunella says, "The door just exploded inward, and there was Tonto in the porch".

By that time her son arrived, and of course Brunella's gun was right by the Indian, so the son shoves the Indian away, shoves him away again and gets the gun......shoves the Indian away again and gets some ammo and tells him Tonto get the hell back to Dodge.

Tonto is higher than a kite, and nuts too boot, and starts screaming for the kid to shoot him, starts advancing and the kid shoves the Indian away.

In the meantime, Brunella is in the bedroom pleading for the police to get there.....yeah no cops yet as it must have been a big donut.

The kid tells the buck that he is not going to shoot him, that he is not going to ruin his own life by ending another life........and says for the buck to get straight as he knows meth heads who have turned to Christ and have lives now.

So there is more tussles and the cops finally cop.

So the kid has the gun on the Indian as the cop has one hand on his gun, and one on the cuffs, and they get Tonto which point Tonto starts ranting about the white people going to shoot him and about needing the hospital as his back hurts.

Yeah back hurts caused by finally stopping breaking your legs kicking a steel door in and body slamming it off its hinges.

The story came out that the buck was there all along, hiding in a pond, in 25 degree weather, up to his neck in the rushes. The police dog could not smell him, and apparently the cops here are not like in Oregon in just shooting LaVoy Finicum to see if they could hit him.

Any way, Brunella says, they let one buck loose already, but the cops say not to worry, as the Indians are so out of it, that they did not know where they were. Yes comforting in the police were so right about the Indians the last time.

Those damn Indians are tough sons of bitches. I would put them up against a hundred Mexicans any day. No one could survive that kind of cold and come out fighting. I used to watch Indians get drunk and run their cars into bridges, and then soak in water all night in the winter, and hell white people had more problems in a carnival ride than them Indians.

The moral of this story is, who the hell needs Mexicans and Muslims, when America has tons of these meth head pests, who are still the same Geronimos they were 200 years ago in being savages.

My only thought was I was glad that did not happen here, as to protect TL and Mom, I would have touched off the second that buck set foot in our house. It was not the killing which I would have had problems with as the police lose no sleep over capping LaVoy Finicum all the time, it is the clean up. A lot of shit comes out of a human body when you blow a saucer size hole in them.......have to probably replace the screen door and that would be expensive.

Yes, Brunella has been assured that she has to pay for fixing her shattered house.......and Tonto will of course be made responsible for restitution........about the time Ted Cruz can prove he is an American.

Brunella is still having nightmares, but she says she will get over it......said it with a smile. I messaged my brother that she needs a room mate, be a perfect courtin' call I would think.

I can be smart ass as Brunella and her children are safe, like saying I should go bang on her door at 3 AM just for fun.......and yes I would deserve it to get my ass shot for that kind of poor taste in humor.

Those goddamned Muslims are dope zombies, the Mexicans are always on the prowl, and the Indian is your tax dollars in action.  The above is 8 years after Obama hope and change on the rez.
Sort of resembles the world now does it not?