Tuesday, March 8, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Something bizarre took place in the Ted Cruz campaign in Mississippi the day before the primary, in Cruz campaigned all day, but told his Mississippi campaign manager that he was sick, and would not campaign at Chris McDaniel's hometown, and after Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant had just endorsed Cruz.

The intrigue in this builds as Cruz lied to McDaniels, who Cruz had backed against Thad Cochran in the Senate race, and Cruz went so far as to mount an investigation when Cochran resorted to race baiting to win the primary and defeat McDaniels.

So why would Ted Cruz lie to McDaniels, swear off Mississippi campaigning tomorrow and literally give a big FU to Governor Bryant?

I did an inquiry and something is trending in this. I hope it is what is the reality, but inquiry is stating that the program which was stealing elections for Ted Cruz in Kansas and Maine, was not allowed to be infected into Mississippi, Idaho, Hawaii or Michigan. The meaning being that someone has apparently due to work published which went viral on some blog has informed Robert Mercer of things who is the billionaire backing Ted Cruz,  and Cruz was told by Mercer that .........well told Cruz to stand down as vote fraud was not going to be riding into the e voting to have another election stolen for Cruz.

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Thee reality is that on March 8th, just like in Kansas and Maine, Cruz was supposed to have his name put on the winner list in Mississippi and Michigan in another election theft by this shadow software.

I know my reading of the matrix is correct as of writing this on Monday evening at 10:21 PM eastern time.
What I am picking up is ..........I would suggest you revisit Control and consider the .......there is a board of the powers that be...........if you can comprehend this, Control has intervened and members of the board have made it known  that this Cruzware will cease, and as of this moment it will not interfere with the election tomorrow.

I hope to God I am reading this right as the polling is showing as it always does that Donald Trump has massive leads, and in previous Cruz and Rubio vote thefts these elections were stolen from Mr. Trump.

I do not want to mix this up too much, but am reporting in what inquiry is pointing to. The adults have intervened at this moment. They intervened on June 13th, 2013 AD to begin the process of setting things in order.
We will all see soon enough, but if Control has appeared, this reality has changed and the smarmy piss dripping of Mark Steyn diatribes in his script did not have them aware of what is now changed.

If this is right, this cur named Ted Cruz has lost his cover, and that means the Company cover, as this is an in house situation.

I am going to leave this at that, as I am not going to say too much, as even mentioning this will bring the stare.

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