Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Trump Victory: Negating Vote Fraud


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For children, you are going to have to be told a few things. Things which you have absolutely no right to know, are unworthy to know, and I should just leave you in the ignorance you are.

Do not feel bad though my children and my brats, in those who owe me their lives now and owe the Lame Cherry donations, because as you can see by the Drudge headlines the GOP or GOPliters are as ignorant of what just happened, as that piss dripper Mark Steyn was on Rush Limbaugh yesterday as I exposed this all yesterday.

What you are going to learn is insider information.

I told you about the GOPliters using electronic vote fraud against Donald Trump  to steal states for Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. I will tell you that the information posted here on proof of Ted Cruz Kansas and Maine election fraud, reached millions of readers and therefore became a conversation. None of that matters, except the adults were aware of  this, and they rectified the situation.

I am going to tell you that the Robert Mercer magic software was turned off.....and oh my I  told you all this before today's elections. For a moment you just put yourself in the place of Lame Cherry in the risks I just took in predicting the future if I was flat ass wrong, as I answer to God and there are no second chances in this.
Lame Cherry proven right again.

I told all of you this, and now have been proven correct.

Now I am going to tell you something so you understand this in your wee minds. The person I refer to as Control and the board members who rectified this, is all I am going to say about these characters. What I am going to give you are insights in how this is understood by the adults. I will tell you by the words of a dead man, a CIA Director who was assassinated in William Colby.

William Colby approached a Nebraska attorney who once worked for him in special services in Vietnam. Colby desired this man to write a book on the militia movement. Colby understood what the militia was and the real danger it presented. Not that Americans were armed, but that Americans no longer trusted the government.
That is what the adults viewed what Cruz and Rubio were up to with Mercer and Microsoft, they were disrupting the flow in millions of Americans were now experiencing what this blog wrote of in the Obama election thefts in once the American public no longer believes in the elections, there is absolutely no more reason for them to support the regime in any manner. The feudalcrats can not rule a world in the police state drone line if the Mutton is on a rampage.

This is not favoring Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for the adults. This is about the continuity. The adults have factored in how to best utilize Donald Trump for the system they manage.

I am going to be absolutely blunt with you ungrateful, ignorant and Darwin Candidate readers who steal from this blog. NONE of what just took place in the victories for Donald Trump would have taken place tonight if it were not by God's Grace worked through me, the Lame Cherry. I put my life on the line again for you horrid little creatures in all your luxury, as you make a few donors give what they can not afford to keep me going.
I became the target so you could pretend how patriotic you are. Sadly your patriotism was getting the election stolen from Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz's name would have been in the winner column in Michigan and Mississippi without the Lame Cherry, and you would have been stunned again in how all of this just evaporated.
I gave you one more day of life. I gave the Trump campaign life again.

I will not and can not take credit though for what the Control and board members engaged in. They were dealing with the public understanding in the election theft against Donald Trump. It is their higher calling to maintain the system, so the cloth of the land does not become mutton of the land.

You now are aware of things beyond your understanding, in people who neutralize as in end the lives of those who disrupt the system, no matter how powerful or weak they are.

This is for the rich and wealthy and I am really disappointed in each of you. I just saved your million dollar fortunes again and all you  can do is clutch your investments tighter, instead of expressing the respect of how much you owe me.

NO ONE else did this. No one else would.

I will assume that I have once again made some more enemies of some powerful people, who just discovered that associating with power or buying it, is not the same as having real power.

Since I was a teenager, I knew I had God's protection. As a child, I had a perverse enjoyment of walking through the fire against all odds and being unharmed.  What God has just worked through me in returning the election to Donald Trump, I am simply nauseated in the realization of how dangerous all of this is, and none of you will ever comprehend.

Es ist die Angst nicht in Pflicht, denn mit Pflicht, Tod kommt vor Angst bekannt ist. 

- Lame Cherry


As an update, they allowed Idaho to be stolen for Cruz, to cover up the election fraud of Kansas and Maine. They could not just shut this down as it would confirm everything.

Once again Ted Cruz taking votes where e vote fraud will prevail in big cities and where White Supremacists are concentrated.