Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cunt Face Cruz

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Most of you have seen the face of the woman who is the spokeswoman for Donald Trump. What you might not know, and what is being covered up, as this story is filtering through the internet, is that Katrina Pierson for the Tea Party, used to work for Ted Cruz.

Now this might sound odd, in why would a woman who was with the Tea Party in Texas, be working for Ted Cruz, all of a sudden change candidates and start working for Donald Trump against Ted Cruz.

The answer is of course in the oldest reality of this world, now being covered up by EVERY media outlet which has been vouching for Ted Cruz and smearing Donald Trump, and that is Ted Cruz cheated on his wife Heidi, and his two small children, and after using Ms. Pierson cast her aside.
Now does it make a reasonable sense why a woman would be working for Donald Trump, after being victimized by Ted Cruz?

Some interesting background to read:

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The Ted Cruz Sex Scandal

If you happen to notice these pictures of Cruz and Pierson, they look more like a reality that Ted Cruz was looking to dump his wife and kids for a younger version. Ted apparently goes by the old maxim, that dark meat is juicier compared to old white meat.

All of this reminds one of John Edwards and his zipper problems, in having an adoring young woman who would do anything for him, used and cast aside in a cover up.

I personally commend Donald Trump, Corey Lewandowski and Katrina Pierson, because they all knew what kind of wretched scum Ted Cruz is, endured Cruz's lies and vote fraud, and they never used the one story which would have brought Rafael Ted Cruz to ruin.

I wondered not long ago, in what Ted Cruz would do next, in how low he could go. Apparently,  Ted Cruz has already been there, in he drove his wife suicidal, and was exposing her to further humiliation in cheating on her.

The Inquisitr2 days ago

It makes one wonder now what Ted Cruz was donating 500,000 dollars to Carly Fiorina for. Was the purpose hush money in Fiorina was blackmailing Cruz, or was this tip from Ted  to Carly for a blow  job well done?

Ted Cruz and his Boogers are now that crusty drainage of some mucous which we all would like to just go away. The thought of Ted Cruz having sex makes one cringe, but then one thinks of Ted putting the moves on a young girl to seduce her sexy blackness, followed by the image of Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina getting frisky, is enough to make one swear off sex for a dozen lives.
It is though the reality of Ted Cruz, the man vouched for by Limbaugh and Levin, the man called Christ by Glenn Beck, and the man who was said to be the face of God by Heidi Cruz. No, Ted Cruz appears to be just another Cunt Face, using that big nose up a woman instead of his cock.

Did you have fish for dinner Ted? (Heidi Cruz)

No Heidi, all black girls smell that way.

So a smear about Donald Trump and his ex wife was fair game.  The stories about Marco Rubio jumping every ugly woman who moves can be pushed by Jeb Bush......but when it comes to the Right Wing News darling of Ted Cruz cheating on his wife and casting aside a black woman, who had to flee to Donald Trump for protection.........that story is covered up.

The next time Ted Cruz comes out and champions Moveon, Black Panthers, Gayriot, protesting Donald Trump, all of you need to ask the question, "Yeah, Ted Cruz, where has your cock been?"

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