Sunday, March 13, 2016

LaVoy Finicum Tortured By FBI Before His Murder

LaVoy Finicum Arms Raised and Surrendering to FBI upon exit from Vehicle

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There have been cryptic mentions of something in addition being investigated in the murder of LaVoy Finicum in Oregon, which have been puzzling as the question is what could be worse than the FBI snipers shooting into a vehicle, blowing out a window, spraying fire and then lying about the discharging of their weapons to Deschutes County investigators, and finally asking for legal counsel.

"Of particular concern to all of us is that the HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) operators did not disclose their shots to our investigators or their superiors," said Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson. "Nor did they discuss specific actions they took after the shooting, which are the subject of an ongoing investigation."

Authorities haven't described those "specific actions."

This is upon the heels  of the Gregory Bretzing psychological terror of the people of Burns Oregon, the Bundy Patriots and now this witch hunt of everyone named Bundy in hunting them down. Special Agent Gregory Bretzing went before the American people knowing his agents had lied, about discharging their weapons, and he covered it up, and instead embarked upon repeated smears of LaVoy Finicum.

PRESS FOR TRUTH has broken the hidden evidence in this case, as it is now a fact that Robert LaVoy Finicum was before his death tasered by law enforcement, and the finger is directly pointing to the FBI.

New footage has surfaced prompting an investigation into the actions of the FBI during the shooting death of Robert Lavoy Finicum. Press For Truth broke the story that a taser was used and therefore Finicum’s death was unjustified. An autopsy report and subsequent police investigation has now confirms this to be true.

This is puzzling as there does not appear to be any tasering of Mr. Finicum in what was released to the public, so the question is, was Mr. Finicum tasered before he was shot, meaning his shooting was unnecessary in he was murdered, or did Gregroy Bretzing release an edited version of the video, as it was noted here, it was puzzling that Mr. Finiucm was still alive and moving on the ground with his arms raised in surrendering as the recording was cut off.
Meaning, was a man in need of desperate medical health, shot three times, and absolutely no threat to anyone, tasered as he lay dying on the ground in some sadistic act?

We know for certain that Mr. Finicum was left to die on cold snow for 10 minutes as the people in the pick up were terrorized with stun grenades, tear gas and laser lights hunting them. It is not that difficult to conclude that Robert LaVoy Finicum might have been tasered as he lay unarmed and surrendered on the ground, dying, and this could have indeed been what hastened his murder.

The key word in every scenario is MURDER. It points to why this Oregon ME has this listed as a homicide, as LaVoy Finicum never needed to be shot at any time. Mr. Finicum was either tasered and then murdered as he was helpless or he was tasered as he lay helpless and dying and was then murdered.

That is why there was all of this cryptic non disclosures of something else being investigated by the Inspector General Horowitz, as the FBI was not only caught firing to flush Americans to be murdered legally, caught in the act lying about it to law enforcement in Oregon, and now has been caught in thee most brutal of crimes in they either tasered LaVoy Finicum in he did not need to be shot, or the FBI tasered LaVoy Finicum as he helplessly lay wounded and dying on the freezing snow.

This Oregon Operation was bragged about by Special Agent Gregory Bretzing. This is his planning  which led to the murder of LaVoy Finicum, and he is directly responsible as there is not one degree of separation from the FBI sniper group. Someone gave the order for the FBI to make this a blood bath, and someone ordered the FBI to "flush fire" the Americans in the Finicum pick up, so Oregon State Police would open up on them.
It was fully 10 minutes in the actual Shawna Cox iphone recording before law enforcement even began calling for these three innocent people to exit the vehicle. Gregory Bretzing was in charge and the FBI took the lead, and there was absolutely no attempt to arrest the Finicum group.

Everyone who watched the FBI drone footage knew this was murder. It was assessed here first that this was murder designed by flushing LaVoy Finicum by firing at him and placing a blind road block to cause an accident. Now according to Oregon law enforcement and the Inspector General, there is horrific evidence of the brutal nature of the murder of LaVoy Finicum.

In any scenario, there was absolutely no justification for this shooting. It was murder in every scenario.  This is now a matter that the Oregon office of the FBI must come under Grand Jury investigation, and ascertain who in Justice and the Washington office was a  part of this conspiracy of murder.

I have stated that Director James Comey enjoys the cover of his pristine character in threatening to resign, but what has taken place in Oregon is now a reality that Director Comey must resign, and only the Grand Jury will know how many in Justice and the FBI should now be indicted for the murder of LaVoy Finicum, which was an act of terrorism in violation of the Patriot Act.