Monday, March 28, 2016

Cyril and Methodius


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Few Christians in history stand in the company of St. Paul, St. Joan of Arc, St. Martin Luther, and yet two Christian Fathers who are honored all throughout the East of Europe, are unknown for changing history.

They were two brothers at the start of Christian Europe in Cyril and Methodius. It is a most interesting saga of the tale of two peoples too. For their missionary work centered upon the Khazarans, who you know as the modern Jewish Ashkenaz and the Slavics.
The work devoted to stopping the spread of Jewry in the Khazars was stymied by that empire and it is what the world is facing genocide from today in this nefarious political, quasi religious and financial unholy trinity, which you know as the Rothschilds, their American Rockefeller operatives, and various bag men stooges in the nation rapists of Warren Buffett and George Soros.

This is the tale though of European salvation which was brought by the Slavics who heard the Gospel and became a people, who would resist the Ottomans to eventually throwing the Muslims out of eastern Europe. One never hears of syndicates nor cartels concerning the Slavic peoples, because they chose Christian virtue, instead of focusing on a dictatorial one world order.

Cyril and Methodius, did more than just bring Christianity. They produced a Slavic alphabet for their entire peoples which still exists in form today. They introduced worship in the language of the Slavs. They produced a unified race in Christ which has withstood Muslims and Marxists in thee most repressive and murderous afflictions humanity has ever been assaulted by.

These patrons of the Slavs were the missionary work which has provided a foundation for the world which has led Europe together through the worst upheavals, where situations in Asia and Africa witnessed those regimes and peoples disappear from history.
Two of the greatest Christians and few in the West have ever heard of them.

In one of the more interesting side stories of these Christian missionaries, is their return of the bones of St. Clement, or Pope Clement. Clement is typical in the forming of the early Christian movement and the Vatican usurpation of Christianity, all in the undertow of world empire.

It is the Clement in Philippians 4:3 which St. Paul writes of, that tradition points to as the 3rd Bishop of Rome. The first being the Simon Pater who hijacked Christianity, and Clement being the Christian who was an enemy of the state by Emperor Trajan an sentenced to exile in Chersonesus. In a story of miracles there, at a stone quarry, Clement noted the prisoners lacked water, knelt down in prayer, saw a lamb upon a hill, and rose up to strike a rock there, whereby water flowed from the rock.

For this crime, he was sentenced to death by being thrown off a ship with a stone tied to his feet.

Clement was buried in the Crimea, and it was there that Cyril found his bones buried by an anchor, and returned part of the skeleton to Rome.

When one weighs the good which the brothers Cyril and Methodius brought to millions of people for generations in the Slav's heading the call of King Rastislav under the direction of the German Christian political world. it is one of the greatest successes in world history.

The opposite is the fury which will bring about Armageddon, and is bringing Jesuit and Islamic invasions of the West, for those people's genocides.
What a different world it would be if the Khazars had become Christianized, and not hid their satanic mystery religion in Jewry, as they began the extermination of Judahites for the Ashkenaz.

The Way of Life and the way of death. Two peoples and two brothers. One heeded the call of the Gospel and the other sold themselves to the call of satan.

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.