Monday, March 28, 2016

The Golden Thread

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Pontius Pilate once asked Jesus on trial, "What is Truth?" For that matter what is Justice? What is the Law?

I have thought a great deal about the microcosm of Truth, Justice and Law in the global environment of LaVoy Finicum and Ammon Bundy. Yes it is all old news, to be cheered or mourned, as all have moved on, but what is Truth, Justice and Law.

There is in history Moses at Sinai, the Code Hammurabi, Magna Carta, the American Constitution as the pillars of human civilization. In each of those documents is one thread, which runs through every fabric in these documents meant to protect life from death in every form.

In England it is known as:

The Golden Thread: The Presumption of Innocence

There is in history a presumption that some people's lives are more important than others. The king was more important than the commoner, and yet it was that very law which began with Moses which stated that all people were equal under the law. The law was the unifying force in all were protected from each other.

That is the true basis of the law, for it is those balances of two forces against each other. Covenant was the beginning of law. A farmer found that the hunter wed to his daughter, provided weapons in protection from other armed men, and the hunter found that in that union he had a warm place to sleep and bread available. It was the equal protection of life.

The system, and it is indeed the system which is what the law evolves to protect. Those who produce are protected by those with weapons.  The producers offer sustenance and the protectors offer the environment to produce and prosper.
That system though in this begins to take on an advocacy of a group who find that they do not need to work to produce and do not need to endanger themselves protecting the system, in the advocates discover that they can use taxes to legally steal from the producers and reward the police state more for enforcing protection of the system than in the protection of the law.

It is in this, that the system becomes the law, and criminal activities of seizing property, denying freedom by imprisonment to those who resist theft, and enforcement of murder which is legalized killing to protect the system, becomes the anti law, where that which was evil is now justified as good, and that which is good for the public is now judged evil.

Sinai, Hammurabi, Magna Carta, the Constitution, were created in the resistance of blood, but the system nullifies those documents guarantees by the blood of the resistance. 

Once the system becomes Law, becomes Truth, becomes Justice, or it becomes the "life" which is being protected, for the few in leadership, who confiscate wealth in order to bribe the police state and reward the welfare state, the system becomes a new life form, not in human terms, but in parasitic realities, as in the leech or in the cancer, which feeds upon the host, until the host is dead.

In the 21st century, the paradigm has shifted from the time of Nimrod in the long list of dictators through history, for the ancient paradigm was designed upon a maggot scale. A corpse is fed upon by the hatched maggots in increasing numbers, until the host is consumed, then the system or empire collapses.
What is now the paradigm shift though, is the producers are not necessary in massive Obama debt where wealth is manufactured from nothing, so the public has no value but is only a drain or a threat against the few armed against the many fists, as there are not enough bullets to deal with the mob.
The leadership recognizes this, and this is now the shift to an evolved system, where robotics overtake the producers, the robotics overtake the police state, and then the immortal leadership, eradicates all needs for production or protection, as those two entities in the farmer and the armed protector have not any symbiotic relationship, for the immortal leadership is cared for and protected by the same programmed robotic structure.

This is the manifestation of LaVoy Finicum and Ammon Bundy. The cause and effect of once the system becomes the Law, the Justice and the Truth, the leadership begins legally murdering the producers by the protectors, and the producers begin resisting funding the system which is now murdering them.

One can speak of Law, of Justice of Truth, but when lawlessness is the law, when tyranny is portrayed as justice and when truthfulness is a lie, it is all the same anarchy when the farmer hid wheat from those armed and when those armed faced the dilemma of if they killed the farmers with the hidden wheat, that there was no more wheat production to feed them.

That is what is notoriously illogical as Special Agent Gregory Bretzing, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Director James Comey act as if the law is being enforced, when in reality, the system is now the law, and law has devolved to the time when Cain was crushing in Abel's head, in the armed against the producer.

There is no Golden Thread in this world any longer. There is instead a rotting thread of everyone is presumed guilty, and law enforcement has devolved to murder infliction, as the leadership protects it's racketeering of legalized theft enforced by legalized homicide.

The law is a protector of life. The system is a promoter of death.

- Lame Cherry

We are now in the slaughter pit of this disease upon all humanity. It is a pit which ends life of producer and protector. That is what was most interesting in watching the Special Agents and US Attorneys, in we were watching law enforcement officers starving before our eyes and they had no idea they had killed the law, the law which feeds them by the hands of those producers they were ordered to murder and imprison.