Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Das Feudal Amerika

Girl with an american flag, hand bra, and flbp

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Just to explain how literally anal sexed the image Obama and Mark Dayton, the traitor from Minnesota is, in figuring like Angela Merkel of Germany that importing terrorists was good for business in making profits for the elite, the Lame Cherry wills to explain something, in the difference between George Washington Capitalism and image Obama Feudalism.

See thee American Republic was a system of work and profit, which people worked and kept profits. It was industrious in Yankee Traders. Traders are something which are lost in this, as there was a time when Andrew Carnegie made steel and Henry Ford made cars in America, and they then sold those American manufactured products to foreigners in their own lands, made by Americans, and it made Americans wealthy and raised the standard of living of foreigners who had things for their ploughs in steel and engines so they did not work themselves to death.

In the Obama change it believes in though, the world is a place where Americans must be punished for the God given success they have won, and exterminated as a race, by importing third world refuse, who are designed in a feudal caste, to be slaves, welfare money launderers, so that those robberies, can then be funneled in the billions to those who sell these invaders goods in the conglomerates who have bribed said Obama and Dayton for their power.

See simply once America made things and sold things to foreigners in their own lands, and those profits were sound and just, but the image Obama wants the armed American competitor vanquished, and replaced with this mob which will profit the conglomerates, until they too are exterminated and replaced with a robotic class to serve the elite.

Selling things to foreigners in their own land, that is American. It is not American to import foreigners to sell them things in America, because that destroys America and does not build her. It is a matter of cheap profits really, in the Chinese are relegated to the dirty labor which pollutes the land, and the American conglomerates get to profit off the "services economy".

As my battery is running low, this concludes this simple explanation of what is abhorrently wrong with the Feudal System in there is nothing American about it, as America sold things to foreigners in their own lands, and never brought the buyers into America, to use American genocide to fund the foreign leeches.