Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Primary Colored

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was reading All Too Human by George Stevens AKA Stephanopoulos, and this enabler of evil, actually confirmed a number of things which all of you know, but it is important for you to have exact evidence, so here are four points in how the press conspired to install Bill Clinton and George Stevens exposed it as he was having sinners remorse, in once being a Clinton insider, he had been fired.
Yes Stephanopouls is the pimp turned snitch.

At the start of the Clinton campaign, in Memphis, Dan Balz of the Washington Post and friend of George Stevens, witnessed Bill Clinton cuddling with Gus Savage, an Illinois Congressman, who hated Jews and tried forcing a Peace Corp volunteer to have sex with him overseas.
Balz just joked about it, and never mentioned it, but instead focused on Clinton speaking at a black church.

Joe Klien, the infamous Joe Klein of Time, who lied about authoring a book for Bill Clinton called Primary Colors, was frequently comparing notes with George Stevens, and often warned the Clinton campaign of upcoming upheavals he had a feeling about.
Joe Klein, the Russian Jew, would be seen bawling with Stevens at the back of gatherings where Clinton spoke, being so moved by the snake oil, Clinton was selling.

Don Hewitt of CBS 60 Minutes, obtained the exclusive on Super Bowl eve, of the Clinton adultery scandal with Gennifer Flowers. Hewitt broke off the interview as he as not getting what he wanted. He informed the Clintons and Stevens to, "I made John F. Kennedy President. I can do the same for you. Just stick with YES and NO answers, and I will have Steve Croft move on to other subjects."

Mark Halperin, then of ABC propaganda, broke the story on the Clinton memo proving he lied about his draft disservice. Halperin approached Stevens hours before ABC would run with the story with the warning, "ABC was the only source which had this story and they would give the Clinton camp time to respond (spin) the story to their advantage.

Any one of these stories if handled as a journalist should have, would have sunk Bill Clinton and saved America from what did take place in Dotcom busts robbing Americans to what would become 9 11.

All of this is important as evidence appears in this same festering ilk of the puppy press, dry humping on the Obama image's leg. The same Mark Halperin has damning evidence on Birther Hussein, and did not reveal it to the public. Instead he blurted out on the Charlie Rose program that Barack Obama hated GOP Gulf States and did not care if they were covered with Gulf Gusher oil ruining them. Rose about had a heart attack at Halperin confessing the contempt that Obama had for America.

Mort Zuckerberg, of US News and World Report, was busy writing Obama speeches in the early days of the messiah, and told no one. This same Zuckerberg is funding hit pieces on Donald Trump in an exclusive broken here.

We can see this same assassin press going after Donald Trump. You have witnessed the New York Times, Boston Globe and Washington Post doing hit pieces on Donald Trump and championing Jeb Bush.....yes the same Obama press is in full support of Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson and Marco Rubio, as red flags of how evil all of this is, in the Constitution gaurentees a FREE PRESS, not a REGIME PRESS.

As has been stated, the guilt of George Stephanopoulos Stevens and his hurt at being fired by the Clintons, caused him to released his confession and scorn on the Clinton people as well as the press. The problem being that this Clinton boy toy after confession and revenge, was back to worse sins in being on his knees worshipping in front of Obama.

That is what the press is. They report nothing they are not ordered to spin and make jokes about the most disgusting perversions, as every one of them has been staining the sheets with the staff in the same way that Regina Blakely of CBS got f*cked by Bill Clinton, to which Hillary Clinton got the tramp fired.

The same things note above, are taking place wholesale now and 2016. Do you think that Donald Trump is the only one saying Carly Fiorina has a horse face? (Jeff Rense comment) The entire mob left and right is as guilty of staff making like remarks, but you never hear about them, because the press is orderd not to target these tarts, as they drink together and drop semen together.

And once you answer that, you should be hating that sleazy reporter and their political lords, and making notes of bringing them to a People's Court in Robes Pierre tradition to give them the French justice they deserve for crimes against Americans.

This is Primary Colored. It is not white, black, brown, sodomite or Christian. It is just a festering taint of a poisonous pandemic having murdered America as the maggots of it devour what is left of you.

Nuff said