Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Discipline in Minnesota?


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In case you missed it, three University of Minnesota basketball players have been "disciplined" for posting sex tapes on Twitter with different women.

Mason, Kevin Dorsey and DupreeMcBrayer Disciplined After Sex Tapes ...

I would point out, that this is not discipline when it is MY MONEY, that is educating and paying for these perverts, and I have not been repaid plus interest.

These deviants have time to fuck, have time for high speed internet, have time for expensive phones, all which I am not involved in, as I do not get the big donations here, and the Cruz and Rubio voters pout at being taught their saviors are frauds.

Discipline is these three black players being booted from the team, being booted from the U of M, and all other colleges and sports programs, and made to repay EVERYTHING from plane trips to scholarships, plus interest.

Justice is then being criminally charged with taking females across state lines for elicit misbehavior, as video is the same as in the flesh, and then I want these whores investigated to what they owe me and  the rest of America for thinking this is all free ride.

Discipline in Minnesota is like Al Franken stealing elections and Gov. Mark Dayton telling white people to leave the state if they do not like Obama's terrorists being imported.

Blacks have no right to crime, no more than they have the right to be racist at the Oscars against Asians.

Nuff said