Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Donald Trump Super Tuesday Sweep

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was watching the delight at CBS in the Republican party shattering before their eyes as Marco Rubio looks like he is living with AIDS in cocaine is now one of his food groups. Charlie Rose sounded normal, Rubio sounded insane.

Donald Trump won Super Tuesday decisively. Oklahoma is a closed state, and they ran Independents through a gauntlet to keep it Cruz cozy. Texas is a reality of vote skimming as all the states were, and Minnesota........they are a people who are drawn to illegals like Cruz and Rubio in practicing a self hatred of white people.
I would state that in Texas and Oklahoma, that the numbers jumped oddly in those states where Cruz somehow received all the votes while Donald Trump had none in the same period.

With that, I do not endeavor to ever waste your time, as if something is addressed elsewhere, it is only wasting your time here.

Marco Rubio has proven the "Fuck You America" he is in now vowing with Lindsey in the gay ear Graham to destroy the Republican Party. Destroying the GOP is the most life I have seen out of Rubio ever. It appears to be his homosexual life's calling and Graham's mini me gay guy, as apparently John McCain has allowed Lindsey a little bubble boy of his own.

Here are the facts in this. Donald Trump swept, but the establishments plan to steal the Republican convention took a step tonight, but it is their last step. Super Tuesday is not winner take all, but partition votes divided up by percentages. Donald Trump is further ahead than Mitt Romney with no one in the race besides that Jesuit boy of Pennsylvania.

What you have to understand is what we are looking at is an establishment gambit of 1964 in going against Barry Goldwater which was spearheaded by Mitt Romney's old man. This race was contested until California, and then old man Romney tried to steal the convention. There is a vast difference in the dynamics though of 1964 and 2016, because there is not a dead President's brains soaked into Dallas pavement.

In 1964,  Lyndon Johnson was the guilt favorite. Jesus could have run against Lyndon Johnson and lost. Donald Trump does not have that barrier, as Hillary Clinton has the crimes on her hands, and no matter how much the establishment calls Donald Trump crazy or saying criminal beats crazy, the reality is Hillary Clinton has the Benghazi on her hands.

I will explain more of this tomorrow in how long Donald Trump has been a Republican, and do not lose the explanation contained there, in why Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio are trying to elect Hillary Clinton.

The key word in the Trump supporters is ANGER. It is why the mention of 40 million loaded guns for Donald Trump. This is the fail safe in this entire political season.

The reality is Donald Trump due to all that has been swirling around him, is looking like the sane candidate in the room.


So we have a reality in this:

  1. Donald Trump: 221
  2. Ted Cruz: 69
  3. Marco Rubio: 41
  4. John Kasich: 19
  5. Ben Carson: 7
  6. Jeb Bush: 4
  7. Carly Fiorina: 1
  8. Mike Huckabee: 1
  9. Rand Paul: 1

This is before the Wyoming, Arkansas, Minnesota, Alaska delegates have been awarded, but as you can understand from the above, that you can add up everyone in the GOP, and Donald Trump trounced everyone on Super Tuesday as before.

 Marco Rubio can talk about trashing the GOP and Ted Cruz can do whatever he is about, when the reality is that as I stated that even in "winning" Ted Cruz would lose Texas, and that is what the above proves as Texas is proportioned differently in precinct by precinct, and Donald Trump clobbered Cruz in the big delegate areas in Trump won and Cruz lost in Texas in the precincts.

So for the Trump voters who were concerned over nutty Rubio and the media glee, the numbers only prove that Donald Trump across the board swept on Super Tuesday. He scored over 220 points to the others not breaking anywhere near 100.