Saturday, March 12, 2016

Dollar Signs

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is not going to make a great deal of sense probably but that is fine.

The subject is $$$ $$$$$ and frequencies.

I can not vouch for other people, but I do know my expandable abilities and experiences. All frequencies amplify, some people amplify better than why God allowed amplification devices like the ephod in gem stone alignment.
Enhancement comes in three four. Spiritual, neutral, satanic and human to combine human form.

If the horizon point is becoming a focal point, it is not $$$ $$$$$ doing anything but amplification. It is easier to destroy than build. Fire is quicker than water.

When God moves me, He is making things known. He is changing the time line and I enhance by "praise" or making the message known.

I will give you, all of you an example of how this blog is directed. The past two days two stories appeared here on the Trump Assassination and American Purim. I posted those articles weeks to months ago and they were in drafts. I had forgotten about them, and they appeared exactly on the dates which the events were transpiring. That is the Holy Ghost working things here. This is not a rare thing in articles on this site as I have noticed it before, but do not pay attention to it happening, as I am too busy listening.

I believe one could do as well with understanding the interaction of frequencies, commanding them and in Christ utilizing your own natural Spiritual ability, than purchasing the toys. It is like Remote Viewing in you have a target, but focus on like a pencil, and then the matrix lightning strikes you by unconscious mental contact.

I prefer $$$ $$$$$ to be a focal point, as his being a focus means less focus upon me. I have concerns that my drooling and scribbling on the wall are no longer being mistaken for madness.

There are too many variables involved in this and is not something most people should ever embark upon due to reverse flows, resistance and cause and effect.

........and to the children and brats the $$$$$$ are not my talking about donations.

Say something often enough and often enough it will come to be.