Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ted Cruz is the only one getting votes in 10 Wyoming Counties?

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Did you know that there are only 971 people in Wyoming? That apparently is all the people who voted  in their county conventions and this gets better in the organized vote fraud which has been backing Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio campaigns.

Honestly Ted Cruz's numbers in Wyoming looks more like the numbers coming out of Kim John Un's Pyonyang.

In Campbell and Johnson Counties, 68 votes were cast and ALL of them were for Ted Cruz.

In Uinita and Lincoln Counties, 54 people voted and ALL were for Ted Cruz.

What took place in Wyoming was insider organized vote fraud again for Ted Cruz. Granted Marco Rubio tried very hard in some counties to get 26 votes to Ted Cruz's 28 votes, but in a state with a quarter of a million people, only .0036% of the people showed up to vote........and in most counties Ted Cruz was the only person getting any votes...............when nationally Donald Trump has been increasing the vote by at least 25% in the state, but in Wyoming no one showed up to vote????

Oddly Wiki lists the Wyoming Primary on March 1st. The Wyoming official site listed it as April 9th, but on the site says it is March 12th. No wonder no one showed up to vote, except the Cruz and Rubio insider crooks.

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Let us instead consider some realities of Phyllis Schlafly the Conservative Dame just endorsed Donald Trump and Jan Morgan of the Second Amendment just told Ted Cruz that she took back her endorsement of that fraud.............but someone Wyoming only had 70 people who voted for Donald Trump.

Once again, everything connected to a Ted Cruz "win" looks like something manufactured by Robert Mercer.

Just covering the events and noting the impossibilities. Apparently the Cruz fraud is being portrayed as so utterly flagrant that even the deniers who accuse this blog of conspiracy theories, will have to do a gut check and face the facts that all that glitters is not gold with Rafael Ted Cruz, but fraud.

Something to watch.........Red State terror enablers are quite outraged that a pro Donald Trump super pac has engaged Jesse Benton, a Republican hammer who oversaw the Rand Paul super pac, was an aide to Rand Paul for Senate, worked for Mitch McConnell's trouncing of his democratic opponent, and worked on Ron Paul's presidential run, to unleash the super pac resources in this end run primary stretch and in the general.
I do not trust the Pauls nor McConnell, but  Amy Kremer of the Tea Party is running this and it is being financed by William Doddridge a very wealthy supporter of Donald Trump. While this is not connected with Trump Campaign and Mr. Trump had his name removed from it, this will be hitting on all cylinders in the libertarians in using their codex of communication.

Note to Doddridge, Popular Girls like piles of diamonds too.

One more thing, Robert Mercer sent out Michelle Fields with a Washington Post reporter......connected to Keith Olbermann or something to smear Corey Lewandowski in the opening phases of "the violence at Trump rallies" so condition people's minds to those stories in psychological programming which we now have witnessed in assassination attempts on Donald Trump.
More evidence of this being a planned out operation on many levels.

Nuff Said.