Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Donald Trump a Republican longer than Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio

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Here are some facts to remember.

Donald Trump has been a Republican longer than Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Mr. Trump attended the 1988 Republican Convention and donated to George H. W. Bush.
In 1988, Ted Cruz was 17 years old and Marco Rubio was 16 years old, and neither could vote for President until 1992, if they were registered, and as this has all been silenced, we do not know if they were voting for Bill and Hillary Clinton at 21 and 22 year olds.

For instance, did you know that Trump attended the 1988 Republican National Convention? Moreover, when Trump appeared for an interview with CNN while at the convention, he got introduced to the audience as “young, conservative, and rich.

Source: The Federalist Papers

Mr. Trump was evolving during this period as the Party of Reagan had abandoned Ronald Reagan for these Bushisms, and lest we forget it was Bill Clinton who signed into law every New Gingrich Contract with America policy, so for those whining about the Clinton Trump connection, Bill Clinton passed every Reagan reform of the GOP plank.

As Mr. Trump progressed politically, he became more and more Conservative in tweeting in the past decade the need for a revolution.

Again Donald Trump further right wing than Cruz and Rubio, as Donald Trump registered as a Republican candidate to run for office as those were the ideals he personified, as Ronald Reagan did.

Now for the hard point in this, in Donald Trump is a Common Sense Conservative. If you look at his political ideals he is like Teddy Roosevelt and like the beloved Pat Buchanan in being the core group of Calvin Coolidge Republicans in staying the hell out of foreign entanglements and keeping American safe and prosperous, which is the original George Washington mandate for American Presidents.

In noting all of those facts, the Cruz, Rubio, Bush and Romney voters do have an establishment Republican still running in the 2016 campaign, but much to the chagrin of Democrats, this establishment Rockefeller Republican is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton might have started out as a Goldwater Republican, but in defeat garnered her garters and sold out to the Rockefeller Republicans, just like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio for power. Her mission was then two fold: to be the political minder of Bill Clinton and to destroy Goldwater Republican Richard Nixon.

So let us face the above realities in this synopsis:

Donald Trump has been a Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, Coolidge, Reagan Common Sense Conservative longer than the establishment RHINO Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, but that Donald Trump has not been a Republican as long as establishment Rockefeller Republican, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Yes this is going to be difficult for Hillary Democrats to deal with and easy for Bernie Sanders socialists to reject, but Hillary Clinton is the New York Republican patricians on display just like George H. W. Bush and Mitt Romney, whose father tried to sabotage Barry Goldwater in 1960 AD in the year of our Lord.

But Democrats can now vote for Jeb Bush's political twin sister in Hillary Clinton in November, and it explains why the establishment GOP, along with Cruz and Rubio supporters are all threatening to vote for Hillary instead of Donald Trump, because she is the New York Republican in the race.

Thank God blue collar Democrats are fleeing that elitist disaster and coming home to vote for Donald Trump, just like they did for all Republicans from Teddy Roosevelt to Ronald Reagan.

Hillary Clinton the Rockefeller New York Republican for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, against the real Republican in Donald John Trump.

Do you think these puppets of the billionaires and their followers are going to squirm a little bit and try to ignore this blog when the above facts come out from now until the November victory of Donald Trump?

More to be said.