Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Donald Trump off the Record

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is a bit boring having the Cuban Chihuahuas given a bit of information in Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and then go off yapping from the New York Times on an OFF THE RECORD COMMENT from Donald Trump on immigration, in demanding this now be released.

I am going to address something first and second here.

First, when you have off the record comment, the person interviewed EXPECTS your comments to NOT BE RECORDED. The New York Times violated that pre condition.

Second, the Times is making this out to be that they would release the comment if Donald Trump would allow it........well the reason the Times can not release it, is they would be looking at a billion dollar lawsuit and Mr. Trump demanding criminal charges against the New York Times in their duplicity.

I inquired on this, so you can know what Donald Trump really said. I will first explain what Donald Trump has said in public, and that is, as President, he wants a moratorium on all illegals, until we get this sorted out in these terrorists being imported.
Mr. Trump has never said anything the Times or anyone else has ever created in their hysteria.

Now for what Donald Trump told the Times off the record.

Mr. Trump was speaking in CONTEXT of answering about the deportation of 11 million illegals. His answer was that he was not going to stop immigration if the problem rectified itself.
Rectified meaning, that by the time the wall is built, and the other safeguards put into place, if they have not started an exodus of illegals, and if the Trump economy has begun to surge, that Mr. Trump and all of us, just might need a work force to labor for this American economic engine.

That is what inquiry states Mr. Trump was speaking of in context. He was still going to build the wall and shut off the invasion, but there are realities in this which must be factored in.

Also I would state this, in Donald Trump has been attacked by Cruz and Rubio over Mr. Trump using Green Card Polish workers. These were not illegals, but legals. These are the people America needs in they will assimilate in being Christian European, hard working and not prone to Obama voting Marxism.

So while Buzzfeed joins in the defamation of Donald Trump via the New York Times.......same Times which was pro Jeb Bush to be beat by Hillary Clinton, and is now in fact VIOLATED an agreement with Donald Trump in having recorded his answer off the record and leaked it to make trouble.

Donald Trump was speaking in his understanding of the big picture in things that might not need being done if things work out, because we do not want to shut off eastern European immigration as that is where most of us have genetic roots from, and those are the very devout and hardworking peoples who built America in the Poles of Chicago to the Czechs of the Great Plains.

I will leave this at that, and it is my hope that by the time you read this, these nasty establishment political assassins backing Cruz and Rubio are on the political scorched earth and this is ended for them all.

And here is the list of the traitors and their stories, which I hope President Donald Trump unleashes the Department of Justice on.

Ted Cruz For President
Steve Berman