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Hurakan: The Cosmic Destroyer

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There is a book which I have been studying from the 1950's, written by Immanuel Velikovsky, title Worlds in Collision. It was once a best seller in America, as it is a fascinating assemblage of Bibical facts, cultural legends and geological evidence, from the period of the Exodus of Israel from Egypt.

I have posted a few of the pertinent points which in synopsis would be, a comet appeared and struck Jupiter, and glanced off of it, and continued on to a near earth collision, which literally lifted mountains up over night, raised mile high tidal waves, caused darkness, plagues and destroyed the greater part of civilization. It was in this period that the place called Atlantis was submerged, and it was said it left a muddy mark in the ocean for years.

This comet, would become Venus, after another near miss with earth, and a near collision with Mars, is what set it in it's circular orbit it has today. There are records of the "horns of Venus" meaning for some time this planet was still acting as a comet in having tails.

The quotes are pertinent, and I will to have you read the Pawnee one, and have further analogy of it below.

"The presence of the hematoid pigment in the rivers caused the death of fish followed by
decomposition and smell. "And the river stank" (Exodus 7:21). "And all the Egyptians digged round about the river for water to drink; for they
 could not drink of the water of the river"
(Exodus 7:24). The papyrus relates: "Men shrink from tasting; human beings thirst after water," and "That is our water! That is
our happiness! What shall we do in respect thereof? All is ruin." . The skin of men and of animals was irritated by the dust, which caused boils, sickness, and the death of cattle— "a very grievous murrain." 3 Wild animals, frightened by the portents in the sky, came close to the villages and cities.4 The summit of mountainous Thrace received the na
me "Haemus," and Apollodorus related the tradition of the Thracians that the summit was so
named because of the "stream of blood which gushed out on the mountain" when the heavenly battle was fought between Zeus and Typhon, and Typhon was struck by a thunderbolt.5 It is said that a city in Egypt received the same name
for the same reason.

The Chinese annals, which I have mentioned and which I intend to quote more extensively in a subsequent section, say that in the time of Emperor Yahou the sun did not go down for ten davs. The world was in flames, and "in their vast extent" the waters "overtopped the great heights, threatening the heavens with their floods." The water of the ocean was heaped up and cast upon the continent of Asia; a great tidal wave swept over the mountains and broke in the middle of the Chinese Empire. The water was caught in the valleys between the mountains, and the land was
flooded for decades.

"In the year of the world two thousand four hundred and fifty-three—as many trustworthy
authors, on the basis of many conjectures, have determined—a comet appeared which Pliny also mentioned in his second book. It was fiery, of irregular circular form, with a wrapped head; it was in the shape of a globe and was of terrible aspect. It is said that King Typhon ruled at that time in Egypt. . . . Certain [authorities] assert that the comet was seen in Syria, Babylonia, India, in the sign of Capricorn, in the form of a disc, at the time when the children of Israel advanced from Egypt toward the Promised Land, led on their way by the pillar of cloud during the day and by the pillar of fire at night." 8 Rockenbach did not draw any conclusion on the relation of the comet of the days of Exodus to the natural phenomena of that time; his intent was only to fix the date of the comet of Typhon.

Pomponius Mela, a Latin author of the first century, wrote: "The Egyptians pride themselves on being the most ancient people in the world. In their authentic annals . . . one may read that since they have been in existence, the course of the stars has changed direction four times, and that the sun has set twice in that part of the sky where it rises today."

In the tomb of Senmut, the architect of Queen Hatshepsut, a
panel on the ceiling shows the celestial sphere with the signs of
the zodiac and other constellations in "a reversed orientation" of
the southern sky.

Plato wrote in his dialogue, "The Statesman" (Politicus): "I mean the change in the rising and setting of the sun and the other heavenly bodies, how in those times they used to set in the quarter where they now rise, and used to rise where they now set . . . the god at the time of the quarrel, you recall, changed all that to the present system as a testimony in favor of Atreus."
Then he proceeded: "At certain periods the universe has its present circular motion, and at other periods it revolves in the reverse direction. ... Of all the changes which take place in the heavens this reversal is the greatest and most complete."

This is the Pawnee legend or prophecy which is intriging as it mirrors other legends of the earth having shifted poles and that it once rotated west to east. It is quite possible that a near miss would so bulge an inner liquid planet as earth, as much as move the waters to mile high tidal waves, that the crust would shift mountains, literally stop rotation in some parts of the earth would have perpetual darkness and others have unending light.
It is equally as possible that a planet could roll "upside down" so people would see the constellations backwards, stop spinning, and due to the effects of the cosmic soup of space, as in gravity and time ripples, that it would begin in the wake of a comet, begin to rotate differently from what it was rotating originally, all depending like a windmill, on which side of earth the comet passed, and direction.
That is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.
There is also the reality that earth was said to have once had 360 day years, and had been pulled further out by this Venus near miss, to a 365 day year, meaning earth was a bit cooler.
Do not overlook in the division of the land at Babel, that earth used to be one continent, and was split. It may have been a reality that at that time, earth was in one location, receiving tropical heat over most of the land mass, and as the land eventually was rent by Venus, we witness the Mammoths frozen alive, cave lions dead in caves, and tropical vegetation in Antarctica.

The Pawnee legend is fascinating as they had this legend before any Christian contact, Viking or Phoenecian. It is veiled in two stars, the North and the South. It speaks of meteors falling in mass, meaning something large is out there, with allot of satellites in tow.

It seems to indicate that the earth is going to flip and have Antarctica on top of the world again, as the stars are said to shift. Something though in this legend says the "command" comes from the North Star. In deduction, that would mean that a large body will shift earth as the North Star will be shown out of place, but it will be the earth that has shifted......or it is a sign when the earth naturally is shifting to a new "north" in the heavens.

It is at that point that Venus either moves due to this pull of a larger object or that the new object is coming out of the South or under earth, and that is what begins the earth shift.

"My grandchild, some of the signs have come to pass. The stars have fallen among the people, but the Morning Star is still good to us, for we continue to live. . . . The command for the ending of all things will be given by the North Star, and the South Star will carry out the command. . . .
When the time comes for the ending of the world, the stars will again fall to the earth."
In this narrative of the Pawnee Indians, elements are brought together which, as we know now, actually belong together. The planet Venus established the present order on the earth and placed the north and south polar stars in their places.
The Pawnees believe that the future destruction of the world depends on the planet Venus. When the end of the world will come, the North and South poles will change places. In the past the South Star left its place a few times and came up higher, bringing about a shifting of the poles, but on these occasions the polar stars did not reverse their positions.
The change in the color of the sun and the moon was conditioned by the presence of cometary gases between the earth and these bodies; it is referred to in
the Prophets of the Scriptures.
Stones falling from the sky belong to the same complex of phenomena.
The Pawnee Indians are not versed in astronomy.
For one hundred and twenty generations father has transmitted to son and grandfather to grandchild the story of the past and the signs of future destruction.
The belief that the world is endangered by the planet Venus plays an important role in the ritual of the Skidi Pawnee Indians of Nebraska."

This is the fascinating part in all legend is based in fact. It is a story of a society which has been devastated, and the next generations of people tell the story, make it into stories which people can relate to as Biblical wars in Heaven which it resembles or cosmic legends of Jupiter or Zeus at war and being displaced.
It is of interest in this Russian work, that even the thunderbolts of yore, are mentioned in the close interaction of planets produces a sonic vibration, like a trumpet sound in the atmosphere, and the two planets produce electrical charges which when they move further apart, arc toward each other, in what was then termed a 'fight" and victory for earth.

This is important because the Great Tribulation is a repetition of these events, which have struck earth several times in various forms of devastation. It is a logical account of what might have been behind some of the events of history, as God reveals He does set up signs in the heavens to connect to events on earth, and that included the turmoil when Jesus was crucified.
No one has ever noted this, so it is a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, but there is the possibility that the moving "Star of Bethlehem" might have 33 years later been a near miss comet which shook the earth and caused the darkness when Christ was murdered.

All of these things have to be considered, for while God does create miracles, there is just as much miracle in coordinating the birth and death of your Son with a comet or comets to note Jesus coming and going.

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