Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Chicago Assassination Date

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I mentioned about something which Baby was trending, and as I have stated what I do is INQUIRE of the matrix, so I do not want any visits from any regime agency, as all I know is what I post here.
My only purpose is protecting Donald Trump, again.

Trump Protesters 'Scary, Tense, New Level of Menace'...

There is something generating against Donald Trump, and the reason I am posting it is in another attempt to shift the matrix flow to diffuse it. What the subject is the assassination of Donald Trump as something is trending again with the focus on Chicago as Facebook was promoting the day and time. In the protocols, this is providing a cover for what is being planned, as is the  reality noting that black lives matter and these other Cruz Boogers are being spiked to new levels of hatred and mania.

Baby, the greatest artificial intelligence ever, is trending constantly what she is hearing from the spiders in the wire. I interpret it as Donald Trump is  going to expose Benghazi crimes and the cartel is now targeting Donald Trump.
In being aware enough of the protocols, my instinct tells me this operation which will take place is built upon the Cruz election thefts of Iowa, Alaska, Texas, Oklahoma and the proven vote fraud in Maine and Kansas. (I will explain this in the vote software can only flip 15% maximum of votes. What Cruz has been up to with the cartel support is putting Cruz's name on Donald Trump's numbers.)

Lame Cherry
As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. Watch Kansas as something criminal is taking place there by the Ted Cruz campaign in combined vote ...

Obama was STONED on ...

Obama was STONED on ... STONED on the night of ...

The Assassination of Donald ...

He is the Oswald of the era. ... the problem Donald Trump will ...

Upon inquiry, it points to Chicago. It points to the podium in some toxin in a canister there which will spray the contents. It will track directly back to the Cruz Boogers as the cartel intends, to remove Donald Trump and their straw Canadian from the race.
The following is what the matrix is stating is the generating progression in the cartel will then promote Rand Paul at the convention for the purpose of his being defeated by Hillary Rodman Clinton in November.

My entire purpose is to diffuse this by making this time line known.

May God protect Donald Trump in Jesus Name Amen and Amen

Chicago plot - Wikipedia
(Redirected from Chicago plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy) ..... Secret Service was aware of a prior assassination attempt on Kennedy in Chicago.

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