Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I did not have sex with that man, John Kasich


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am delighted really at how things are progressing for President Donald Trump. What is really delicious to quote Noel Sheppard now perished by cancer after attempting to bitch slap me on Newsbusters is this, and that is Rush Limbaugh and the Cruz boogers have been so fixated on Donald Trump, that they never figured on that John Kasich slipping up behind them and cocking them one in the ass.

See John Kasich is a democratic insider crook like Mormon Romney. He had in Romney voting machines the opportunity to steal Ohio........again just like Kruz election thefts of Mr. Trump being 5 points ahead, but come election day, it is Kasich winning by 15, that is vote fraud and it is all based on a system of e vote flipping and shutting polls down early so Trump voters could not vote.

When the establishment have told you that Donald Trump will be "shy" of the delegate margin, that is exactly what they are going to steal this by. That is why Kasich is now being attacked by Limbaugh in being called delusional and crazy, as the boogers have had it finally dawn on them, that without Donald Trump's protection, Ted Cruz is politically dead.

OK I will explain this so you get this in why the boogers are all Kasich snotty.

The race was Trump 52%, Cruz at the Jeb ceiling of 23%, Rubio at 13% and Kasich in the bushes at around 8%. Remove Rubio from this and suddenly the Cruz ceiling is going to be looking at Kasich appearing with 21% and billed with all the positive media as the ALTERNATIVE to the most hated vote cheater Ted Cruz.
So the race becomes Cruz at 23 and Kasich at 21, and in this shift, you are looking at least a 3 point erosion of  Ted Cruz, so it would be Kasich 23 and Kruz 20........and suddenly it is touted it is a two man race in Trump and Kasich, and the boogers find that they are cut out of all the delegate power structure.
The Cruz killer in this race is John Kasich and that is the terror that Limbaugh now faces without Donald Trump protecting Cruz.

It is why I warned you boogers to vote for Donald Trump like Marco Rubio's voters pissed away the literal Vice Presidency. Now it is Ted Cruz's turn to burn.

Cruz now has the heavy baggage. He has Peckergate in using that poor little black gal who had to run to Donald Trump for support, and his numerous crimes starting with being a foreigner, Goldman Sachs, lynching Ben Carson, vote fraud...........yeah Ted Cruz is like a taco 3 days old under a fat ain't looking too good or smelling any better.

Mar 22 American Samoa 3 6 0 9 9 0 Caucus (open) (No allocation) N/A N/A N/A Mar 22 Convention N/A
Arizona 3 28 27 58 0 58 Primary (closed) Winner-take-all Winner-take-all[d] Apr 30 Convention Apr 30 Convention N/A
Utah 3 37 0 40 0 40 Caucus (semi-closed) Winner-take-most N/A N/A N/A Apr 23 Convention 15%[p]
Apr 5 Wisconsin 3 15 24 42 0 42 Primary (open) Winner-take-all Winner-take-all Apr 17 Slate May 14 Slate N/A
Apr 19 New York 3 11 81 95 0 95 Primary (closed) Winner-take-most Winner-take-most Apr 19 Slate May 26 Committee 20%
Apr 26 Connecticut 3 10 15 28 3 25 Primary (closed) Winner-take-most Winner-take-all May 20 Slate May 20 Slate 20%
Delaware 3 13 0 16 0 16 Primary (closed) Winner-take-all N/A N/A N/A Apr 26 Convention N/A
Maryland 3 11 24 38 0 38 Primary (closed) Winner-take-all Winner-take-all Apr 19 Direct Elec. May 14 Convention N/A
Pennsylvania 3 14 54 71 54 17 Primary (closed) Winner-take-all (No allocation) Apr 19 Direct Elec. May 21 Committee N/A
Rhode Island 3 10 6 19 0 19 Primary (semi-closed) Proportional Proportional Apr 26 Direct Elec. Apr 26 Direct Elec. 10%
May 3 Indiana 3 27 27 57 0 57 Primary (open) Winner-take-all Winner-take-all May 3 Slate May 3 Slate N/A

As you can see from the above, the primaries all now favor Trump and Kasich. This is what I meant when I stated that if the GOPliters could not get Donald Trump early, they were not going to get him late as these primaries all swing to the east. The alternative to Donald Trump is going to be John Kasich now, and not Ted Cruz, as the eastern folk do not like smarmy, twangy, tan skins, who dress up like Brokeback Mountain dick up the ass cowboys.
This is what has Limbaugh terrified as certain as the Mercer billionaires, as it is a CERTAINTY that after the vote fraud in Missouri, Ted Cruz is going to finish a distant 3rd place from this moment until May. From this point on, it is Winner Take All for two months, and they do not give out delegates to dual citizenship Ted Cruz's for finishing in 3rd place.

I am once again telling you Cruz voters to tell your boogerman to stop attacking Donald Trump, to get on stage immediately and confess to the world 'how wrong I was for attacking Donald Trump as he is going to be the next President" and that you will now all vote for Mr. Trump as Hillary in a skirt John Kasich is not what America needs.............and gain an understanding that Ted Cruz will be the next appointment to the Supreme Court, as Ted Cruz throws all the delegates and support to Donald Trump in the first round voting in the convention to keep the GOPliters from stealing this.

Look at the numbers Cruz boogers in the next states. The time to have cut a deal with Donald Trump was before Texas. As you are about to face Rubio Oblivion, get it understood to back Donald Trump now, and cut a deal for Ted on the Supreme Court as your booby prize.
Rush Limbaugh is in a panic over Kasich, but Kasich is the monster you Kruz boogers created, now that monster is going to booger eat you Cruz boogers.

Trump 2016
Donald Trump est Praeses et American futurum