Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Office of Foreign Workers

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I am an advocate for the OFFICE OF FOREIGN WORKERS. This office would be created by Donald Trump and in it, any American could file a grievance or complaint against any green card worker or employee, and once the OOFW received the complaint, the foreigner would be immediately picked up and deported, on the first flight out of the United States, if it were Kenya or Iran, and it would be up to the foreigner to find their way to their 3rd world trash dump.
The employer would be billed for the airline ticket and fined 10,000 dollars.

The foreigner would be informed if they entered America again, that any American could then collect a 10,000 dollar bounty on them, dead or alive.
Their belongings would then be seized and auctioned off for charity.

There would not be any proof necessary for this grievance or complaint, other than it would be filed by an American, and once filed the green card would be revoked, the foreigner removed and the business fined.

This would be the check and balance, as a foreigner does not have any rights over an American, and if an American is dissatisfied with anyone who is a foreigner or the business which employs them, they can file with OOFW, and immediate deportment will take place.

This would end the employing of these rancid foreigners from Hash Head India to Buttswanna Africa, being condescending trolls to Americans.

Unless one demands such protections and advocacy, one does not gain those tools in Government to protect your rights. So this is the advocacy for Americans. No court could touch this situation, because this is simply the revocation of uncivilized laborers.

This is the no cost solution to the low wage worker invasion of America.  Employ Americans and there will not be any problems.

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