Saturday, March 5, 2016

In Sessions

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With all the hooplah over those all powerful and all knowing GOPliters, the elite of the Republican establishment in what they are going to do, and how HIV Rubio and Cubana Cruz are such so intelligent, I really had to wait until now to tell you something which all of you have missed.

Jeff Sessions.

Oh sure you are wiggling in your little positions knowing that Sessions endorsed Donald Trump, but you have no idea what perfect phase of the Trump operation which you have witnessed, and to further prove that Donald Trump does indeed know what he is doing and is far more intelligent than anyone in this political race, I offer this.

First though answer a question as cuckserve Matt Walsh and all the Tedlites  were just stunned when their Jeff Sessions stood up for Ted Cruz in the race in the Gang of 8 charges, and little Ted was chirping about it all, in how wonderful Sessions was, and how Limbaugh up the ass pure Cruz was.

Yes that did not end in a question mark and only a period, not a menstrual cycle, but a punctuation, but still answer it, in why was Jeff Sessions promoting someone who was supposed to be the death nail for the Trump Canadian born Ted Cruz?

That was a question mark and your wheels are turning and you have absolutely no idea, bedcause this is the art of the deal, and you had no idea what was behind  this......until now.

Did you ever think that Donald Trump wanted Ted Cruz in the race?

Huh you say? Was not Cruz taking votes from Trump, and waiting around for Trump to be taken out so Ted would inherit the Trump voters? Yes that is what Ted was told too, and Donald John knew it.....knew all of the insider information from his wide array of informants as to exactly what was taking place.
You did notice right that Donald Trump fed the elite the information he was only this as a publicity stunt, and that he would pull out? But somehow the elites never knew that Jeff Sessions was working with Donald Trump.

Now how did they miss that? They missed it, because Donald Trump knew exactly who the moles were, who to feed information to, and who to keep out of the loop, so they never knew what Jeff Sessions was coordinating with Donald Trump.

You still do not get this, so let me be plain in this, so you get this information for no donations again, instead of buying Mark Halperin's book a year from now in being told what was going on really.

So Donald Trump looks over this field. He finds Jeb Bush and BAM, flattens Jebus and keeps leveling him as the elite drain their first financial battery on Jeb.
Donald Trump then feeds Ted Cruz some line to let Ted think that Donald is an idiot being led by Ted Cruz.......Donald keeps Cruz around, because Donald knew exactly what would happen.
Cruz was supposed to lose Iowa, which he did, except for election theft. Cruz was going to be pulverized in New Hampshire, defeated in South Carolinan and obliterated in Nevada.

The GOPlites pronounced gauplites, all were thinking Ted was the guy to take Trump out, but it was a diversion, as Trump knew that Rubio was their pansy priss in the wings, who also had no legs to stand on.
So Donald when the moment came that the Rubio and Bush faction were about to obliterate Mr. Canada, had Jeff Sessions appear to "save" Ted Cruz in order to keep Ted in the race, because after Super Tuesday, both Rubio and Cruz were going to bleed out faster and faster.

Donald Trump has been playing this the entire time. Donald Trump literally saved Ted Cruz from being obliterated by the Bush faction, for the simple reason, Ted Cruz was doing more damage to himself, to Bush and to Rubio, than to Donald Trump.
Proof, who did Evangelicals and Latins vote for? Donald Trump or the Tedster? It was Donald Trump completely.

Did anyone really count on Cruz and Rubio vote fraud in Iowa? Not in the least as that was about as low as it gets, until of course the vote flipping in Texas, and the bizarre Rubio spikes in liberal goplite states as in Minnesota and yes Alaska, where Sarah Palin and the Tea Party had immense trouble with goplites there.

So now you have a new word with your Jeff Sessions revelations, for Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz and the rest of these frauds......they are the GOPLITES, as in the little Nazis who propped up Adolf Hitler in their various regions and were rewarded with the bribes to your detriment.

Jeff Sessions was a crucial part of Ted Cruz's "southern strategy" to sweep Super Tuesday, but Cruz was played. Cruz pulled out of Alabama and fled to Texas, where he could flip votes in  e vote fraud with Rubio to try and prop up his vanishing campaign.

This was all by design and it worked perfectly. If the Cruz and Rubio goplites were not so busy in vote fraud, they would have been eliminated now in a fair contest. So enter Chris Christie who will take over as Attorney General under President Donald Trump, and hunt down these felons in the first salvo which will include prosecuting Hillary Clinton.

I am going to whisper something to you ok, so do not tell anyone in this private conversation.

You hear reports of Paul Ryan, the Speaker, the puppet of Big Koch thinking they are going to level Donald Trump in Congress and in the election. Listen very closely now in this ok as I whisper this in your ear only once.........

Attorney General Chris Christie unleashes an FBI investigation about the vote tampering of Big Koch and the criminalities of Speaker Paul Ryan. Koch cuts Ryan to the wind to save themselves with only massive fines, while Paul Ryan finds his little fiefdom friendless, and indicted on numerous felony charges.
AG Christie does this a few times to those millionaire Congressional traitors and you will be surprised how when President Trump says, "Pass this" and everyone in Congress who are now being blackmailed for the Obama regime, will be voting yes......and no one will remember who the hell Paul Ryan is......except the large black men in federal prison who have nicknamed him "Vaseline Ryan".

I desire all of you to understand a few things. This goplite group of billionaires and their stooges literally financially raped Donald Trump, set loose a Mexican dope lord to assassinate Donald Trump, are in the process of criminally trying to destroy Donald you think for a moment that when Donald Trump gains the machinery of the United States Justice system, that he is going to allow these heinous criminals off, so they can do this again to Mr. Trump after he leaves office, or be allowed another HW Bush to dismantle the Reagan Revolution?

Have you ever known Donald Trump to not be thorough and use every asset at his disposal?

Jeff Sessions proves that Donald Trump has an intricate mind and sees the entire battlefield. It proves that manipulators and twisters like Rubio and Cruz absolutely have no idea in understanding the complexities of Donald Trump's mind. Donald Trump literally took the weapons arrayed against him by the goplites and turned them back upon them. If this had been a legal GOP primary, Mr. Trump would be wrapping this up. As it has involved criminal vote fraud, it will require additional time...........but understand this, that Donald Trump has Chris Christie with him for the long haul. You can see Mr. Christie is intense and is taking names. This is not going to be a 45th Presidency of America where the crooks get to go away with their millions. This is going to be 45th Presidency which Americans are demanding that these bastards are all in prison or hanging by a rope.
Americans are going to cheer all of this prosecution, when the courts work for the Americans, instead of against them.

This blog warned that cuckserve Matt Walsh to sell his house, rat out his rat bastard boss Glenn Beck and flee the country, as this entire socialist criminal enterprise is going to be brought to terms, and the billionaires are going to be feeding the Mark Levin's to the Chris Christie prosecution lion.

If you notice Rush Limbaugh has in self preservation, after being told to back Cruz, has been trying to crawl under the Trump cover since Super Tuesday, as ole Rushbo knows the prosecutions are coming......and Cruz was laundering money though Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin.

Too many people in the Bush and Obama criminal enterprises which were part of the Oligarchs thought they were powerful, because they were screwing the masses over and no one was prosecuting them. That is going to change, because those pimps and whores tried to destroy Donald John Trump who has his own core group of backers who have not appreciated the unAmerican way which they have been treated or Americans have been abused.

You remember the example of Jeff Sessions for the kind of mind Donald Trump has, and you remember the reality of this coward Rush Limbaugh running for cover early. This is not a game, this is the world of adults.
As the Cruz and Rubio voters are being betrayed by the goplites for Mitt Romney's sermon from the salt lick, I invite you to come home and vote for Donald Trump, so your leaders do not get you into prison sentences in having you post nasty things online and committing vote fraud.

Are you not pleased my children and my brats that I am warning you and not letting you end up in the gulag of your masters?

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