Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Is that the CIA or FBI you are talking to?

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I will keep mentioning this, as during the Bundy Protest and the murder of LaVoy Finicum, a host of minders appeared on the internet to spin this story.

The CIA are expanding an existing program that influences mainstream media outlets to promote fake propaganda stories, by having agents troll internet forums, social media, and website comment sections – in an effort to disrupt alternative media sites. 
In an expansion of Operation Mockingbird, the agency are now creating fake user accounts on various internet forums and social media channels, arguing politics with real users in an attempt to stifle and subvert genuine communications between users.
Americanintelligencereport.com reports:
According to RT news, agents have up to “10 fake shill accounts” used to troll and create the illusion of having a genuine network of friends.
“They will defend current administration decisions with relentless irrational stubbornness that one can only be paid to do.”

It is why I brought up the Conservative Treehouse in allowing a hit comment page to remain up, posting propaganda about this blog and other bloggers, trashing them.

The Lame Cherry is becoming far too effective and is now a low level radar project to post squanto about it, by lumping it in with other projects which it is in no way related.

The fact is, most of you have at least one minder in your friend's lists on Facebook, and it does not matter if you are left wing or right wing, or if you are on Conservative Treehouse or the Democratic Underground. They are there and they are completing a job which they are paid to do, and that is to steer conversation on sites you trust, as Clinton and Cruz moles, which is the current operation.

You do not have to control the ownership of a site. All you have to do is post high praise about Sundance on Conservative Treehouse, and they will leave it up, and also leave up smears against other bloggers. It is about the easiest manipulation on the Tavistock protocols in pat the people in need of validation on the head, and they will let you get away with Mockingbird propaganda, in overtaking a site and running all the real people off of it.

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