Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lee Cruzy Beckwald

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I had thought that Glenn Beck had perhaps been beamed up by Joseph Smith to the mother ship and we were through with this apostate's diatribes, but Ted Cruz joining invaders in Arizona and now Mormon nuts named Beck in Utah, conjured up Beck again for more blasphemy.

“I don’t have any friends in Washington except these two,” he said about Cruz and Lee.

Mormon Glenn Beck

Perhaps Cruz and Lee have no friends either as everyone hates Glenn Beck.

Meanwhile back at the salt lick

As we have a running scroll on this, we record Beck has stated this:

1. Ted Cruz is either the anti Christ or Jesus.
2. All Evangelicals should be burned at the stake for not voting for Ted Cruz.
3. Glenn Becks wants to stab Donald Trump.
4. Glenn Beck says there will be blood everywhere if Cruz is not installed as president.
5. Ted Cruz is the fulfillment of Mormon prophecy.

I do not know which which prophecy this is Beck is quoting, but perhaps it is the one where the Mormon elders appeared and said that black Mormons were human too, back in the 1970's that one came out, but all the same we now have it from Slasher Beck, that this unholy trinity of names like Lee Harvey Oswald is engaged in a coup against another American President as Lee Cruzy Beckwald.

I wonder as Glenn Beck is sent out by Big Koch and Robert Mercer, just how surprised he is, at how far he can push the Cruz boogers each day. I explain this as Cruz voters are highly patriotic and Christian, and yet through Mercer brain warpage of the these deluded people, they daily trash the Constitution for foreigner Ted and then slap Jesus around in blasphemy, and it does not phase any of these people.
As creepy as Beck is, I am surprised he is not picking young girls out for Bill Clinton massages for Cruz and Beck, as it is written in some Mormon prophecy too.

Just so you boogers understand this, you are destroying Christianity in America by design, as Obama was designed to destroy the black vote. This anti Trump in the form of Ted Cruz is now your poster boy, and not Jesus, and Cruz's official blasphemer is this schemer Glenn Beck who is bastardizing Scripture  and linking Mormonism to Christianity.

You should be ashamed, and you rich Mormons should be donating to this blog for the reason you are stupid Mormons and you should not have money being this anti Christian.

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