Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lame Cherry Told You Saudi Arabia Owns American Frac

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I warned all of you, that America was having all of it's oil infrastructure seized by Saudi ownership of those Frac loans all across America by super banks like Citibank, in a Muslim Obama deal to turn American energy over to Muslim oil, but it has not soaked into your heads, because your Levin and Limbaugh minders have not triggered it in your skulls.

Now more proof of what I warned you of, in this Obama regime with Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Hillary Clinton is turning the infrastructure over to Saudi Arabia.

Largest U.S. refinery now belongs to Saudi Arabia...

America is basically a Saudi owned oil field now, with Muslims and Latins owning the refineries, and worse yet, most of your gas pumps from foreign owned gas stations with a Mexican accent.

America is being enslaved, it's oil robbed from it for Muslim terrorists, and this is a criminal theft of American sovereign resources.

I  warned all of you of this, and of course it did not resonate, but then the Lame Cherry has all the exclusives in warning you of how you will meet your genocide, and for some reason you Darwin candidate richtards in 99.9999999999 % still will not donate anything like you owe this blog.

Ok back to your mirrors, so you can worship yourselves on Sunday and tell yourselves how Christian you are.