Friday, March 4, 2016

Marco Rubio As Bill Clinton Sex Pervert

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is not so much that Marco Rubio is bi sexual. It is not so much that Marco Rubio is an adulterer exposing himself to blackmail. It is not so much that Marco Rubio is fixated on the size of Donald Trump's is the fact that the GOPliters of Minnesota handed their fraud primary over to Marco Rubio.

It is now all official in Marco Rubio has two confirmed women he has committed adultery with while in the Senate as has been reported here. He certainly had time as he was not doing a thing in showing up for work in the Senate.

The women, one who Rubio treated like a whore in dumping her along the road when he was done fucking her is talking and the other is bragging about having fucked Rubio to her fellow lobbyists.

Their names are Amber Stoner of Florida and Dana Hudson of DC.

Mrs. Rubio could care less, as long as Bubble Boy signs the checks and her and the children are taken care of. Once again, Marco Rubio really looks ill. Something is wrong with him, and if it is not AIDS, then it points to Hepatitis or some other sexual disease.

All of this is only going to get worse, because with 10,000 dollar rewards out there, it is not going to be long before gay men start showing up and describing Marco Rubio's little Marco. is currently investigating claims that Rubio has been carrying on with the female staffer of another GOP senator who has endorsed Rubio in the presidential campaign. is offering a $10,000 bounty for more women and sources to come forward.

You should be aware, that since  Jeb Bush picked Marco Rubio out as his protege, that Rubio has been fucking women and taxpayers have been paying for the sex junkets.

.....oh and a Donald Trump has not said a word about this, in the connect the dots, this all started out with Jeb Bush trying to sink Rubio.......and now has gained traction, who do you think it will be that has been pushing the Rubio adultery stories? Who would benefit with Rubio out of the race..........gee that would be Ted Cruz.
Yes the Right Wing News was boffing this story to get Rubio. Yes the Cruz Boogers will stoop to anything to get a story published now........after all Dana Hudson's identity was being protected before, but now all is fair game.

So Marco Rubio voters, are you going to throw your vote away on John Kasich who is DOA in Ohio. Ted Cruz who is laughing with glee over getting exactly what he wanted, or invest it in Donald Trump who is going to save you from yourselves?

I warned you about all of this Marco the Perv stuff. You should have listened.

Amber Stone

Dana Hudson