Friday, March 4, 2016

Glenn Beck & the Cruz Boogers to Destroy CPAC and the Republican Party

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Most of you will never read Webster Griffin Tarpley, but you really should, because except of his being an FDR apologist, he really is a gifted mind like Truman Capote.

What I am going to inform you of, is something I hinted at previously, but you have to understand the groundwork of what is being engaged in, in the odd talk of David Brooks of the New York Times and Marco Rubio, screaming after Super Tuesday about "destroying the Republican party so that Donald Trump would not win".

That will seem confusing except in a flat world examination, but you can find the genesis of this doctrine in Webster Griffin Tarpley.

Mr. Tarpley has been telling people that his vision, meaning the Obama leftist vision is to have this political outcome in America. They are seeking the destruction, as in annihilation of the Republican Party, and that the Democratic Party would then be split into two parties, which you see before us in the Hillary Clinton socialism and the Bernie Sanders Neo Com movements.

The reason for this post is to remind you, as Glenn Beck returns to CPAC and promises to have a speech to burn CPAC to the ground so he is never invited to return ever again, that you children, brats and Cruz Boogers need to be reminded of something, as most of you have forgotten the history of CPAC in Glenn Beck's last speech, but I did not, as I was there in history.

This is important as Cruz Boogers were going to stage a Cruz Lives Matter walk out of the Donald Trump speech at CPAC.......yes all inclusive and no censorship there in the Cruz Boogers.....and if you Cruz Boogers do not like being named Boogers, then pick a candidate that does not eat boogers on live television.

So Cruz Boogers, your darling Rafael Ted Cruz's best buzz is that Glenn Beck. You remember Beck as the guy who made fool out of Cruz in that oath business, said Cruz was the anti Christ, said all Evangelicals were going to hell for not voting for know the stuff that you were cheering like politically raping Sarah Palin again and Nigger Knocking Ben Donald Trump censorship.

Return now to Glenn Beck at CPAC last time and his infamous speech in which he called for the shattering of the Republican Party and the start of a 3rd party, which of course Beck would lead as propaganda meister of the reich.

This should if you have any brains in your heads have you frowning in wondering why in the hell would Webster Tarpley be talking about the insider plan to destroy the GOP is exactly what Glenn Beck was driving for just a few years ago, and now you have the Jeb Bush insider New York Times in Obama's David Brooks saying the same thing, and now Marco Rubio is saying the same thing........and oh yes I will remind the Cruz Boogers that Ted Cruz's number one advocate, who Cruz has never disavowed called for the same destruction of the GOP as Mr. Tarpley, the Obama regime, Ted Cruz, and the New York Times as CBS was having orgasms over this coming true on Super Tuesday.

You Cruz Boogers were all picked out by a computer trendware program which mapped your psychology in an original 40 million customer purchase from You will say, "I never shop there or never filled out a survey".......oh but you Booger brains you have friends on Facebook and Facebook monitors your likes, your dislikes and wherever you go on the internet, and Ted Cruz in his electronic brainwashing of you, picked you out and turned you into this gang of zombie militants who have bastardized every thing you claim to be your Holy Grail.

The Constitution? You shredded it with dual citizen Ted Cruz.

Conservatism? You obliterated it with Ted's green eggs and ham, scam which was a deal he worked out with Harry Reid for speaking time, and then Ted promised to vote.

Tea Party? You wiped that out when you and Ted gang raped Sarah Palin politically.

Jesus? Yeah there is your real sin in face of God as Ted and damning Evangelicals to hell.

Just so we are on the right page now, it would seem odd that Glenn Beck would be in the process of going scorched earth on Conservatives, and that Glenn Beck was promoting the doctrine of Webster Griffin Tarpley.........unless of course Glenn Beck is a fraud owned by Big Koch who likes all those insiders..........and that is right Glenn Beck likes Ted Cruz, who just so happens to be owned by Robert Mercer the debt trader who has been robbing people across the globe using his super computers on Wall Street trades, and his money law states that when Obama debt goes banktrupt, that Mercer who owns Cruz and Paul Singer who owns Romney and Rubio, get to go into your finances in your bank and confiscate all your money in a BAIL IN, that will  leave you without a penny.

Now why would Ted Cruz be working for the insiders to steal all your savings, and why would Glenn Beck be working to destroy the Republican Party for Ted Cruz and to destroy Conservatives at all you little Cruz Boogers were going to destroy Donald Trump's free speech rights for Ted Cruz ..........stealing all of your money and destroying Conservatism in the same way he castrated the Tea Party?

Yes Ted Cruz is an intelligence recruit of Homeland Security to be your minder, and all of these folks really seem intent on making Webster Griffin Tarpleys white paper on obliterating Republicans, to have a socialist and communist party in America, as the only political platforms available.

The Truth is always amazing once your numbed brains awaken to Truth and you discover that you are in the cage with the man eating Cruz and Glenn Beck just gave you a meat bath.

When I told all of you that Ted Cruz was a wife beater, each of you Cruz Boogers were the beaten women, in you had been abused by the Obama Bush regimes, which are the same damned protocol to beat you into submission, and your good husband Ted took you out of Church, and the next thing you knew was that you were holding Sarah Palin down for political rape, burning Evangelicals at the stake, trying to assassinate Donald Trump, and replacing your Jesus with the face of God in Ted.
You  Boogers are so far gone in being conditioned, that you do not even recognize the animals you have become. The shame you are going to face in guilt when you finally figure this out is going to overwhelm you as you realize you have been played and used to the ultimate humiliation.

Webster Tarpley is the intelligent spokesmodel for the intellectual left, and he could not help but preen  in public about the master plan, and the people who owned Beck and Cruz could not help but blurt out their part in it, as featured by the New York Times,  as Canadian birthed Ted Cruz is waiting outside the door to give the wife of the neighbor who has broken her down emotionally one more good fuck, before he abandons you to the cartel to be dragged through the streets like Khadaffi in Libya.

Donald Trump is your own chance to save yourselves. You Boogers are not proving intelligent but least the Rubio bots when by God's Grace I pointed out "What Little Romney's are made of" they fled the Marco scorched earth as their programming was a second level of non conditioned programming..........while you Cruz Boogers are still fighting to commit suicide in following Pied Piper Ted over the cliff into the Obama Abyss.

Rubio and Cruz are the same animal, on the same leash as Glenn Beck, and implementing the cartel left's agenda to end the Republican party in America....and now Glenn Beck is after Conservatives at CPAC.

Hmmmm.......Evangelicals and now Conservatives.......what is left for Ted Cruz to destroy, but his own Cruz Boogers.

This is all about installing Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz is playing his part.