Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mark Levin Ignorance

Mark Levin Explains why Nullification is The Wrong Idea – Queen Of ...

Hmmm being for Ted Cruz is killing Mark Levin........

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter

Mark Levin is a pseudo intellectual, who disguises his slow learning curve, in the fear of loud rants based in defunct words in the Oxford Dictionary.

- Lame Cherry

 As Mark Levin has become a stooge for the Rafael Ted Cruz foreign puppet funded by mind  trancer Robert Mercer, something requires to be addressed again, as Mark Levin exposed for how uniformed he is on every subject, corresponds to how poor his choices are in politics.

Mark Levin - Nuclear Iranian Islamo-Nazis Are ... - UFP NEWS

Mark Levin has a word to say about the liberal idiocy of Hussein Obama and his seriously ... Levin said: "Barack Obama will ... This is how pathetic and stupid ...

I have addressed this previously, but will embark upon it again, because Mark Levin is incorrect as he keeps using the definition Islamo Nazi, after it was proven by this blog that the term Islamofascist was incorrect, as the correct term is Islamocommunist.

I wrote long ago that Iran was not Islamic, but was instead a hybrid ideology like nothing in the Mideast.

First, there is such a thing as an Islamo Nazi.  They would be the Islamofascists, who George W. Bush obliterated in Tora Bora. These were the Bana Nazi of Egypt who were allied with the National Socialists of Germany to free themselves from French and British rule in the Mideast.
This movement would find financial backing as the Saudi oil boom was created in the 1970's as the Wahabbists, which was the bin Laden movement, that incorporated the mystics of Islam.

A Nazi is a Jewish Khazar slur against German Socialists. One must understand that a National Socialist is someone who is a fascist in scope of complete regime control over industry and production. The NS was always at odds against Marxists or Communists, because the Nazi is left of center in a type of capitalist management system managed by the regime, while Marxism is a community organized ownership, where all are poor and the elite on top live like royals.

The two systems can not exist any more than oil and water.

So what is Iran really?

Iran is a Sunni state. It's modern founder who was installed by Jimmy Carter and British MI6, was Ayatollah Khomeini. Khomeini was a Baathist, just like Saddam Hussein.

Baathism was a political creation by France for the Muslims. It was a system of a ruling minority, controlling a majority who existed in a community organized state of no one owning anything. In short, Baathism was and is communism by act.

Into this, the Iranian or Persians who renamed themselves Aryan to gain favor with the Nazi of Germany, became a Khomeini Baathist state, and incorporated parts of German Philosophy as in Emanuel Kant in the ends justify the means.
This is what drives the Iranian ideology, and is the reasoning behind their Mahdi nuclearism, as this organized community pools resources for the Caliphate it is preparing for their Mahdi to return.

This is a boring and long way to point out that Mark Levin has absolutely no historical, factual or intellectual understanding of the Iranian Marxists. One might as well call the Americans Judeocrats  as a people, because that would be as .........well that is not that far off, because America is owned by foreign and imported secular Jewry of the cartel who rule Americans, fleece Americans and criminalize Americans. So the Judeocrat is not a correct example as it is what rules America in this overthrow of the Republic, but perhaps Islamocrat might be a good example......but then that is correct too in all the Saudi money ruling America in bribes, and that money is part of the trillionaire purse of the Ashkenaz finance for the global elite.

So you can understand now how easy it is for someone like Mark Levin, who is not that intellectually competent and chosen for that purpose, to get lost in his Oxford words in trying to confuse people, to hide how not in command of subjects he really is.
This is the type of lack of intellect which chooses Ted Cruz for President.........a person disqualified from being President on dual citizenship which Mark Levin appears to have missed too.

I was wondering about this though............

Trump Considers Paying Legal Fees For Supporter Charged With ...

... the legal fees of a supporter charged with assault and battery. Donald Trump is considering paying the legal fees ... to pay McGraw's legal fees, ...

In my forensic psychological work, I believe America needs a catharsis. I was wondering if the police state courts would agree to a public policy based on Donald Trump's loyalty to his supporters. Take for example, we have this big Obama debt..........and we have courts that have legal fees. Could not some art of the deal be worked out, that it would be a fine for punching people who attack Donald Trump with tomatoes or their mics?
No one would expect Donald Trump to pay for all of this, as his supporters could self fund this. But take for example, Mark Levin..........if the fine was like 1000 dollars or 5000 dollars for punching some rude ranter who adds nothing to society, how many people after all the abuse we have been put through, just go to a Judge and say, "Your Honor, here is my 1000 dollars, I have notified the Sheriff, and I will be bitch slapping this Trump Hater........or like this..........Your honor, here is 5000 dollars for the national debt Obama made, as my fine, and I am going to go grab Rush Limbaugh by the tongue for being obnoxious and drag him around the parking lot for awhile."

Would this not be good for America in an Obama cartharsis in this super depression? Americans could wail on these haters of Donald Trump, who have spiked lunatics that are now making assassination assaults. So would it not be a good thing in the Courts would have control, law enforcement would know it was not a real assault, but one of just wailing on ..........well like Glenn Beck in having court ok for like a 32 dollar fine to wear steel toe boots to kick Beck in the gonads.

This seems like something that could be worked out, and I bet like the findings of an armed society is a polite society, that all of these anarchists would stop being such a problem to all of us, if they started getting worried on a bit for all they are blathering on about. I bet they might start acting Chris Matthews and Bill Maher for a 67 dollar and 32 cent fine, you could grab them by the ears shove their head in a toilet for some porcelain boarding.

It would not be so profitable nor fun for these anarchists if some public retribution overseen by the courts were unleashed.There would be no courts, no jail time.......just pay your fine and then you could go to work on these bullies who are all protected by the police state.

Who would not want to see some 90 year  old Gramma beating the Bajesus out of Karl Rove after she paid her 25 cent fine.

I am all for this to restore order to America. Instead of the cops involved, it could be people self funding and wailing on these Trump haters by paying fines in advance. Probably pay off the Obama deficit in 3 weeks.