Monday, March 14, 2016

Foundations of the NeoSod Movement

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Franklin is visited again in the reality of something which has been rumored by the left of equal opportunity hosers for sometime, in the sodomy and pedophilia charges in both the house of Clinton and the house of Bush, and seems to taint all politically from Huma Wiener to Marco Rubio, in things just not adding up, even if the stories seem so over the top at times, that it is difficult to accept and easier to dismiss.

The evidence seems to trace that the origination of the NeoSod movement began with George H. W. Bush. Interestingly this link comes from Omaha Nebraska, into Obama gay Chicago and Washington DC.

The roots of this trace into Iowa in the character Jeff Gannon who appeared out of the Karl Rove closet of young boys who were having sleepovers in the family quarters of 1600 Penn Avenue.
There are numbers of rumors about HW Bush liking children and George W. rooming with a sodomite in college, when things like that were never done, and appointing him to be Ambassador, to HW attending lesbian weddings in Maine. See for every thing we can reject, there is always something popping up which again throws up the red fags and I mean fags, that something is not right in this closet of the Republican party.

The following quotes are from the Nebraska connection, as that is the only location where anyone ever talked, and where the people who did talk were smeared and thrown into prison to cover up the sex traffic there.

Nebraska was all about Gay Sex in Omaha, with the patrons molesting children, and recruiting them. Those who were  initiated into the deepest parts of molestation reported that satanic ritual murders were performed, and this stretching to Kansas, little boys being sold to people in California and how the child welfare programs were more akin to farming operations for sex traffic.

That is the link in this which is most troubling in it fits into George W. Bush meeting in the Oval Office with the Log Cabin Republicans, the attempt to  sodomize the GOP Conservatives, and then the reality that it appears Karl Rove via HW Bush, in a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, set up a "funding wing" of gay men on Wall Street which were pumped to become billionaires in this "create you own donors operation" equal to the Obama stimulus and other operations handing billions over to his donors which ended up back into his accounts.

Larry King, Bob Wadman, Alan Baer, Harold Anderson, and other adults that Alisha did not identify at this time. . .. Alisha estimated that there were approximately six adults and 20 minors. Mark Powers had told Alisha prior to going to the party that there would be marijuana, alcohol, and so much cocaine available at this party that "she would think it's snowing." ... Alisha stated that the party was held at Alfie Allen's apartment in this building THE FRANKLIN COVER-UP There was a "professionally made" pornographic tape showing portraying two males, approximately age 17, engaging in homosexual acts. Alisha observed Larry King and Larry (Last name unknown [Lnuk], black youth) going into one of the bedrooms.

The Franklin Cover-up by Former Green Beret John DeCamp (Kindle Locations 1662-1669).

Alisha also observed Alfie Allen going in and out of the bedroom numerous times. She observed a young boy approximately 14 years old sitting on Harold Anderson's lap. She then observed this boy and Harold Anderson going into one of the bedrooms. Alisha observed Alan Baer using "two lines" of cocaine and smoking marijuana A young boy was sitting on Harold Anderson's lap with his pants undone. He was stroking the child's penis.

The Franklin Cover-up by Former Green Beret John DeCamp (Kindle Locations 1670-1675). 

The above quotes are troubling, but this was all situated in a former George McGovern operative, turned Bush operative, and in the mid 1980's this was high crimes, a nothing which the public would accept. Yet what generated out of this and in Washington DC would be the NeoSods, a group of political homosexuals on the right, to match the queer left led by David Geffen types.

We are looking at the genesis of all that is surrounding Americans in this era which has overthrown America. It is a reality where poor Christian white Nebraskans were suckered into buying certified deposits in these institutions and the money appears to have been donated back into the political parties which are now the sodomite political movements owned by Big Conglomerate.

All of this is vital to know what we are dealing with, how it funded off of Christians who were robbed, and how this robbery continued in the Dotcom Bust of Clinton and the Obama Bust of 2008 AD in the year of our Lord.

All the pieces fit together in this jigsaw and you can recognize what was once crimes behind closed doors is being initiated to political movements.

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