Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mutual of Clinton's Kerrey Queendom

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This is perhaps my favorite Franklin report, because it reveals how this entire derivative scheme began. In 1929, stocks were the weapon in deflating them, but in the 1980's a brilliant scheme was created in using "junk bonds". Yes literally bonds that had no value, like the later scheme of derivatives, or trading your debt, which was simply a ponzi scheme to loot trillions and the Obama regime expanded it all.

What began as a 200 million dollar bond, fleecing Nebraskans out of money to help farmers, with that entire bubble going to fund junk bond schemes for the elite, in which they pocketed all that money, in the age of Obama became trillions of dollars in derivatives, having the regime selling Jewish finance houses for pennies on the millions of dollars to the cartel, and once again you funding it all with Obama 19 trillion dollar debt and TARP money that all disappeared.

Nebraska Investment Finance Administration

In 1986, NIFA marketed a $200 million bond issue, for the avowed purpose of funding low-interest loans to Nebraska's distressed farmers. Kerrey negotiated a deal with New York-based junk bond peddlers Drexel Burnham Lambert, for Executive Life Insurance Company of California to market the issue. (Executive Life failed in 1991 due to its Drexel-linked losses.) Drexel and associated firms earned their fat fees, the value of the bonds collapsed, and not one dollar out of the $200 million ever reached a Nebraska farmer! According to a federal law suit filed in April 1990 by holders of the devalued bonds, the main purpose of the financing was never to provide funds to farmers, but to provide "inexpensive funds to Executive Life for reinvestment, .. in junk bonds " While the actions of Kerrey and his associates outraged legislators and tens of thousands of depositors who suffered, there was deafening silence from Nebraska's major press, the Omaha World-Herald, the Lincoln Journal, and the Lincoln Star,

The Franklin Cover-up by Former Green Beret John DeCamp (Kindle Locations 1325-1328).

Reviewing the Commonwealth case and the Franklin Credit Union scandal side by side, it is striking how the casts of characters overlap. Key personnel in the Kerrey-appointed Kerrey-appointed apparatus, who snowed the Commonwealth depositors, will intervene again as Franklin unfolds.

The Franklin Cover-up by Former Green Beret John DeCamp (Kindle Locations 1338-1339).

On Friday, November 4, 1988, four days before George Bush was elected President of the United States, agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service, and the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) swooped down on the north Omaha headquarters and branches of the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union and its affiliate, the Consumer Services Organization, and shut their doors. It was a case of swindles on a vast scale. At the time of the raid, the Franklin Credit Union listed $2 million in deposits, of which $1.2 million was in certificates of deposit. Yet within a week of the doors being padlocked, claims were filed for $15 million in CD's. Ultimately, close to $40 million was determined to be missing from this credit union that claimed to have a scant $2.6 million in total assets. The obligations were listed on a second, secret set of books.

 The Franklin Cover-up by Former Green Beret John DeCamp (Kindle Locations 1364-1365).

Senator Chambers represented the district where the Franklin Credit Union was founded in 1968, by community activists, with the proclaimed goal of making credit available for businesses and individuals in the African-American community of north Omaha. (It was by qualifying as a "low income credit union," that Franklin could sell certificates of deposit to non-members, the means by which it swindled millions.) Larry King became its manager in 1970.

The Franklin Cover-up by Former Green Beret John DeCamp (Kindle Locations 1372-1374).

Larry King was a Democratic Party activist, and headed Black Democrats for McGovern in 1972, but after he shifted registration in 1981, King made his name in the GOP.

The Franklin Cover-up by Former Green Beret John DeCamp (Kindle Locations 1378-1379).

Now you know the scheme and foundation, which is in the process of wiping you out at the end of the age of Obama. Stocks are falling, gold is sucking your funds up, and will one day have that value obliterated, and in all of this they will tell you to gain control to save you, they will eliminate money as FDR eliminated gold, and make it a crime for your to use dollars.

It is coming my children and my brats. You know now the foundation of what you were drawn into, and it is a scheme a generation old.