Thursday, March 17, 2016

Night Shadows

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This one has me pondering as it was quite a surprise.

Last night, in the snow and cold, in the moonlight, TL and I were admiring the beauty of the early evening, with the wind blowing, and as we beheld some vintage looking Halloween leafless trees, I noticed what appeared like a black, flying cloth, perhaps one foot wide and six feet long, flying through the trees.

I was quite shocked and said to TL who was looking at the same thing speechless, something like, "Did you see that.......what the hell was that?"

TL confirmed what I had witnessed, and then stated that was not snow falling off the trees.

Yes this was creepy, as TL sees things like this and I do see things like this from time to time. Previously, I had seen what looked like a fuzzy black ball, about ping pong ball size, slowly flying between us, it moved across the room and disappeared.

This is fascinating to me, not because I look for contact for with demons, which is something I do not desire to ever be around, but there we had before us was dark energy. I know this because I inquired.

This was an event the Holy Ghost had me pondering today, in I wondered of those Legend of Sleepy Hollow Tales in people seeing things in the trees, and you will recall all of these black things draped in trees as witches, sort of resemble exactly that we had just witnessed.
It brings a conclusion that perhaps a percentage of people are not simply suffering from "fear vision" in seeing things, but some actually are seeing dark energy.......again we infer from this, that perhaps as there is a cult which worships in Groves and Trees, so we can conclude from that, that perhaps in those moaning forests there are entities and dark matter which......yes find homes in trees for vibrational reason of attraction.

I mentioned previously that something was around here, and it was scaring our cats. Again it now seems a link that we have screeching cats who are afraid not of things that go bump in the night, but things that perhaps look like people in form and scare they cringe and do not want to be petted.

Legend is discounted and ridiculed, but after our experience, I now conclude something most interesting in knowledge, in a group of dark energy, which is a manifestation that murders kitties, associated with humans.
Not to limit this, there was something else scaring the goats and murdering them, in some nasty dark thoughts of others.

I am thinking.........

OK, I did inquire, and a nameless person who as a child, had a tantrum in a kitty clawing them, and the little fiend tossed kitten at wall, and kitten refused to function at this, was the source or link of this dark energy which we observed.

I am beginning to conclude in all of this, that there is in these apostate times, an entire creation of this evil energy, in occupation in areas which no one considers to look, because we have all been conditioned to not believe in past evidences, as those people were "just seeing things".

I can see why the cats were scared, as I saw what they saw, and it was troubling. The thing moved fast and it was deliberate. It is darkness and no light in it. There is a definite feel of something discomfit.

Do not understand yet why we dislodged this thing. Perhaps it is as all things in just being uncomfortable in being looked at in proximity and it flushed.

Now you know something more than you did before, which will probably make your frontal lobe hurt along with the sides of your brain, as this is type of Lame Cherry thought which is heavier than your own again and you are not used to lifting it.

More will be explained if necessary.