Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Nuff Said Nuff People Are Dead


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Valerie Jarrett is a Communist, Marxist, Leninist, Stalinist, not a Moaist. She has no religion in having Ashkenaz blood in her as a "Jew", but she is not Christian nor Muslim.

Tony Rezko, is listed a Christian, but he is not in the least. He is instead a Baathist, a leftist socialist from Syria, who imported everyting from Syria that looked like a Rezko in the first Obama invasion of America.

Nadhmi Auchi, is not a Muslim, even though coming from Iraq. Consider him a Socialist Entrepeneur, and very good at moving Mideast moneys around and making them legitimate for leftist leaders in the west.
Mr. Auchi was the middleman for the Saddam Hussein / Bill Clinton Oil for Food Program, which was abused by the elite. Mr. Auchi did not manage or launder the money, as this was Marc Rich's field.

Bill Clinton was the conduit who opened the doors to the Auchi Rezko connection. It was Rezko who then introduced Auchi to Valerie Jarrett and the Obamas for money.
It would be the terror PLO connection of Chicago based, Rashid Khalidi, which would begin the setting up first of Mrs. Auchi's money provided from Panamanian FinTrade to the Obama election coffers.
From this would spring the idea with Valerie Jarrett's full discussion and compliance in how to bring in 300 million dollars to the Obama billion dollar 2008 election fraud. The scheme was to bring in those hundreds of millions in dollars illegally from the Mideast, through wire fraud, in using piggyback credit card donations to the Obama campaign which was part of the ACORN, Penny Pritzker laundering operations.
After the Obama bust, this money was refunded through TARP by the Obama regime, as volumes of currency disappeared under Tim Geithner.

Valerie Jarrett never stated that she was a Muslim or anything of the sort. These Obama people though, due to the connection that the oil terror money is Islam, use that link in order to gain finances, as the cartel's objective is to religicide Christianity, and use Muslim militancy to do this in the overthrow of the West.
The Obama regime hates Christians, as the Christian is a competitor group to their feudal order.

The entire programme was geared to the use of Black Militancy to achieve the goals, but the Negroid is inferior as a revolutionary, and the Latin has proven as worthless, in both only rape and murder on small scale. The Muslim was induced to the system due to their genetics of being willing to mass assassinate and accept their own death as the outcome. They are the ultimate disposable force, not very green in being recyclable, but far more green than the spacetaker Negroid or Latinoid.

Mr. Auchi had many go betweens, and the reason he is still above ground, out of prison in being assailed by the French, is he is an MI6 asset. This type of money connection and personal connection to the Mideast finance is necessary, as much as the insider information which an asset like Mr. Auchi would provide.
The French suspected Mr. Auchi as the main source for Western intelligence against Saddam Hussein, and the reason they retaliated on him.

The cold truth is all of the above are part of the puppet network of Val-erie Jarrett. The fact is that Michelle Robinson was sent in to interview with Ms. Jarrett, unknowingly that Robinson had already been picked for the job and Jarrett was the shepherd the Obama's through the process.
This has been about the Marxist overthrow of America from Day One in Jarrett's vision. Thee entire psychosis of rewriting the entire social welfare system of America, was part of the Chicago assemblage of manifestos. They fully meant to rape the American Virgin, and in all the screaming, start cutting out her organs afterwards in a process of white genocide favoring minorities, by making them a majority.
Val-erie Jarrett is one of thee most heinous racists on the planet against Caucasians. Her every heartbeat is hatred for White people and the pressure is to eliminate them from America and the West to a slave minority status.

This is far more sinister than the terror invasion of America, or the using social systems to genocide whites by favoring minorities. It is all in those ethnic lists that Jarrett and this regime have compiled. They are all set up on race and there is no white skin which will not be left unskinned. I mean by this, this is so in depth that this Obama regime has assimilations so that the best areas of America from weather, fertility, economics, wealth are all going to be divested from whites living there. This group is social engineering in scopes which you have not even comprehended and which have not been revealed.
It is all in the social mechanics of it all, and you might glimpse Disney cleansing itself of Americans as part of this for jobs, but you are not seeing the "denial" of government assistances to specifically White Americans from loans, to schools, to benefits, to housing. This is something so complete, that it has not been seen since Hitler or Stalin were moving populations around by force. There are not armed units doing this, but civil servants pushing Americans into gulag centers.

I desired to address this issue, as too much Mockingbird has been creating propaganda in this issue centering on  the nortorious Val-erie Jarrett. Literally, Jarrett is the Tojo to the Emperor of Japan in the most heinous of crimes against all peoples. You have to figure out how this second city group, linked into the Berliner Boys, built this system plugged into American and British intelligence, with Marxist foundations like Ford, to create this megastructure of death.

You have not begun to witness the genocide of this Obama regime, and it is such a constrictor that you are knowing as you feel it in how much danger you are in, but you just can not put your finger on it.......well the above is the handprint of this bitch slapped across your face. This regime has been using and slaughtering peoples of the Mideast to exploit them against the Western peoples being exploited, and as this mellay takes place, it is the shell game being engaged in, which is the neo world order being inflicted upon the peoples of the planet.

Nuff said and Nuff people are dead.