Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Official Version of LaVoy Finicum Murder Nothing But A Lie

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In reading the Deschutes County investigators report of the debriefing of the Oregon State Police in the murder of LaVoy Finicum, there are perplexing situations which take place in this interview, because like the Kennedy assassination, the testimony does not match the video evidence, and something is taking place in the testimony where the officers change their story.

Everyone has watched the murder of LaVoy Finicum and knows for certain he is shot facing the road, and falls facing toward the road, which is where the two Oregon State Police Officers are shooting him from, in the back, which is an impossibility, as you can not shoot someone in the back when they are facing you.

In addition, everyone has witnessed Mr. Finicum touch the side of his jacket, for whatever reason. The drone video clearly shows this point, but if one listens to the testimony of the two Oregon State Police Shooters, they are either lying or are suffering from some 'hysterical vision", as the first shooter is talking about Mr. Finicum reaching for where he thinks a gun would be, and the second shooter expands to Mr Finicum almost clawing and pawing to dig for a weapon, which absolutely did not take place.

This becomes more disturbing as the interview begins with shooter number one, recounting his version, and then the interviewers take a break, and immediately upon return, shooter one asks to redress his statement, and suddenly begins expanding upon what he thought he saw, that he did not see in the first statement.
It is akin to saying, "Yeah I saw a person get hit by a car......and it morphs to.........Yeah I saw a person jump out in front of a car, and do a dance and be hit by a car", when the evidence shows the person was in a wheelchair.  

This is the actual testimony of the first Officer in the "actual" shooting.

As I'm pulling up I see Mr. Finicum exit out the driver's door, and run through the snow. Initially he had his hands kind of up to his side,  about shoulder height....
...and take his hand and dig it inside his jacket pocket as if he were reaching for something.

It told Officer number 4 to stop the vehicle. He stopped the vehicle.  As I exited the vehicle, I ran around the front of my truck....
I saw his right arm again dig deeply in towards what I term a shoulder holster or something....

Page 24 PDF file

And just as soon as I pulled my rifle up and put the crosshair on Mr. Finicum, Officer number 1 fired, and I distinctly heard him fire, and I knew it was him firing, for whatever reason.
And as soon as he fired, and my scope just came up and it was right in the middle of the back of Mr. Finicum, and I squeezed off a single round.

Page 25 PDF file


I'd like to go back to the point of where I'm getting out of my truck. After Mr. Finicum exited the vehicle, and I had seen him stick his hand in his coat once he was coming out of the vehicle.....

...and as I pulled my rifle up to cover Mr. Finicum, while this is going on, I'm seeing him turn and stick his hand into his coat again, as I previously stated to what I believed, to grab a pistol...
...that I believed if I didn't engage Mr. Finicum, that Officer number 3 who was in very close proximity and probably would have been shot....
I didn't want to wait for him to bring out a firearm...

...and so I brought the scope up and put the crosshairs on Mr. Finicum's back, while I'm seeing him struggle with something in his coat.....

I had made a decision at that point that I'm going to fire my rifle, and had gone through the process of taking it off safe and started --- and my finger going to the trigger and was starting to squeeze it when Officer number 1 had fired, so I was already in the process of firing my rifle at that point, and was just a second behind Officer number 1 on that, or whatever it was. I don't know.

Page 32 PDF file

It is vital to notice that in the first interview, the shooter states it was after he put his scope on LaVoy Finicum that the other officer fired, and in the after recess statement, he now states that he had the scope on Mr. Finicum's back and was already firing, when the other officer fired first.
This appears like compared notes, to make certain that both officers had concocted a story in which they both saw non existent guns and actions, and fired to save another officer.

WE KNOW from the released drone footage, that Mr. Finicum never ran through the snow nor was he ever digging around in his coat or his pockets. This is where the drone footage damns  the human account, as the officers were "seeing things" which did not take place, and the story changed from this officer from coming up to Mr. Finicum in a shot fired, to being on Mr. Finicum and in the process of firing.

That is what an attorney would  rip to shreds on the witness stand.

In the debriefing, it appears to read that the second shooter, had other officers present, so it is unclear if all the Oregon State Police were in the same room. Meaning, this is an absolute violation of investigations, as you can not interview people in the same room, as it concocts stories in a cover up.

Logically, shooter one, during the break, discussed his testimony with shooter two and other officers, and being coached, returned to the interview with an expanded version, which would clear shooter one, and clear shooter two (himself) as this was justified.

For some strange reason, the FBI having fired twice, broken out a window in the pick up, never have their shots heard by anyone. Yet shooter one definitely states he heard shooter two firing. 

This is shooter two's quotes:

Finicum actively reached in the area that I believed and had information that he was carrying a firearm. He did this more than once, and the second time as he's now avoiding back away from me, he is still not showing any signs of complying with our presence or our commands.

Page 104 PDF file

Note particularly the damning statement of the second Officer stating that LaVoy Finicum was backing away from him and his position. No one can shoot LaVoy Finicum in the back when they are backing away from them.

In ALL of this testimony there was NOT ONE OFFICER who mentioned seeing the Ruger 9 mm, when the body was being moved, lifted, cuffed and a bullet came rolling out of the shirt.

All of this is troubling and it adds to the point of two concocted stories of "seeing weapons" that were not there, LaVoy Finicum almost stripping himself in grabbing at a gun which was not there, which the video does not show, in how both of the shooters, seemed to conclude at the same moment to shoot Mr. Finicum, while facing them, in his back, for the reason another officer who was not in any danger in the least, would not be drawn upon and fired upon by Mr. Finicum, who had no visible weapon, and could not get to one if he did have one.

I can not explain why these officers both are recounting events which the video does not show. That would take one into conspiracy theory, but when interviews have an officer changing or adding to his story after a break, it points to that officer was discussing his testimony, and had been discussing that testimony with other officers, who are all engaged in making a murder out to be a justifable shooting.

I do not mean to be unkind, but Deschutes County investigators are more like being interviewed by your Mom, than trying to gain the facts. It is evident the Oregon State Police created a compared notes story for their own reasons, and it is evident that the real events which are recorded do not match to these officer's testimony.
And I repeat not to be unkind, but after reading Governor Kate Brown's staff emails, and the testimony of these two Oregon State Police officers, none of them would qualify as appearing intelligent. In fact, it is disturbing these people have guns which are pointing at Citizens.

The debriefing continues on in another bizarre swerve, because after these officers shot LaVoy Finicum in the back while  he was facing them, there is a muddled assessment of shooter one, stating the he knew Mr. Finicum was down, moving, but not going to be a problem, so shooter one and shooter two, take up new positions start assaulting the Americans still in Mr. Finicum's pick up.
This is an absolute violation of every protocol. If LaVoy Finicum was such a threat to be shooting police with a gun which was never seen, to warrant three rounds pumped into his body, then that same LaVoy Finicum would certainly be more of a threat having been wounded, and yet the Oregon State Police turn their backs on him for 10 minutes and point their weapons at women in a pick up.

Honestly, if any attorney worth a backwater degree got these shooters and Deschutes County on the stand, they would rip them to shreds, and a Judge hearing this evidence would be holding them in contempt and perjury charges would be filed, as it is obvious these officers discussed the shooting, created their scenario, and then every action which they took, from shooting LaVoy Finicum for being armed, and then turning their back on him in still being armed, does not match the evidence or the protocols.

I conclude these officers are all lying, first to save themselves, and second it is a theory that they never did put any bullets into LaVoy Finicum. That is what takes this into Twilight Zone of were these officers given scoplamine in a fast brainwash, to cover up the real shooters which Shawna Cox states were a dozen military types who emerged from the tree line and were edited out of this drone video released, and if this was military, it was illegally deployed, and everyone would be in far more trouble than for murder charges.

This is just so perplexing and designed this way, that the mind recoils from it all, because like the Kennedy assassination we are being told one thing, when our eyes and intelligence is telling us the official story is nothing but a lie.

All I can do is keep posting on this subject, putting in the link so people can read through the volumes of official documents, and then hopefully after reading this blog, be alerted enough when reading the files, to see that what is taking place violates every investigation practice, that like phrases come from two officers, and that the evidence does not match what was concocted.

The one reality is, is that FOX, Levin, Limbaugh and Hannity are not going to cover any of this, nor is right wing media. This is the biggest story since 9 11, and nothing adds up in the officials are all lying to cover up what took place, and it is absolutely the sloppiest of cover ups, which brings the conclusion this is a test of the public to see how absolutely mind dead they are.
Everyone witnessed a murder, and now the official version it was not murder, and the shooters absolutely could not have shot LaVoy Finicum from the back, while he was facing them.
That points to a new twist in the cartel creating a zombie police force which they can leave at the scene as patsies to cover up their real assassination plans.

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