Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ohio Vote Fraud--Updated

UPDATE:  Romney's Bain Capital connections played a dirty hand in this fraud. A company named HIG Capital owns Hart Intercivic, a vote programming system company which is being used in Ohio... and the owner (and 8 managers) of HIG Capital are all prior Bain employees. You know, Bain Capital, where Romney was CEO? Yeah. That Bain. Hart Intercivic is also used in Oregon, Idaho and Texas (particularly Harris County which went to Cruz... and interspersed in other states as well to suppress Trump's numbers; keep an eye on what happens in Orange County CA).

Is there a pattern here... hmmm...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am going to state something in I did an inquiry on Monday evening, and the numbers went something like this in Ohio.

Trump 43
Kasich 33
Cruz 12
Rubio 11

The margin stated a 3% fraud by Ted Cruz.

With 50% of the votes counted, this was the CNN numbers.....and Mr. Trump was closing.


As you will notice before the polls were closed, Kasich was called the winner. Judges told the polling places to stay open, but the  polls turned voters away.......Trump voters as Trump's voters are working people.

I did some screen grabs to show how absolutely fraudulent the Ohio situation was.

This is Marion County, with just 8% of the votes counted, with Mr. Trump 132 votes behind and it was called for Kasich.

Coshocton County is the same queer situation as most of Ohio was, except the small voting precincts on the borders of Pennsylavania. West Virginia and Tennessee, where voting fraud would be noticed.
Here in Coshocton with just 16% of the vote counted, and again Mr. Trump only behind 67 votes behind, it was called for Kasich.

Then we come to the real vote fraud, filled with the e voting machines in Columbus in Franklin County, with by miracle only 5% of the votes counted by computers, that John Kasich somehow had 25,000 votes and Mr. Trump somehow only received 8600 votes, in direct contradiction to every other county.

Load up the fraud in the e vote population centers, and somehow CNN knew who was the winner before he polls closed......like Cruz in Kansas and Maine.

There is in this that GOPliters stated that Mr. Trump would fall just shy of the necessary margin to receive the nomination........meaning now that the GOPliters would put an HW Bush assassin into place like they did for Ronald Reagan.

 John Kasich is a criminal as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio is. At this point I am moving by the left flank ahead for tomorrow. Kasich will get nothing from Ohio and from this point on, Donald Trump only gains momentum, as the riff raff is done

Ohio was stolen from Donald Trump as by the evidence. There will be more evidence which will surface. Oddly my numbers in inquiry always mirror what is flipped for whoever steals the state.
Suppress the Trump numbers, take votes away from the sacrificial Cuban named Marco Rubio, and you got a Kasich stolen election.
You did get that Marco Rubio was told to get the hell out of the race by the elite right? And not to be concerned about missing votes of his in Ohio......must be what Ben Carson felt like in Iowa.

Missouri has something going on there too, perhaps Roger Stone will have another lawsuit as in Ohio.