Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Support Your Local Mafia

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When you think of organized crime, most of you would think of Chicago, Miami or New York City, and never realize that in your little communities, organized crime perpetuates itself.

How do you think crack shows up? How do you think the rich kids never get arrested? Why is it that perpetual rule in that same group seems to always be in power? How is it the rich neighborhoods have patrols and the poor neighborhoods have gangs?

I post this in the Franklin series of articles about corruption in America, in how a place called St. Paul Minnesota was and still is a criminal capital of America, which is deeply connected to Chicago.

Most people will have no idea that a corn called Minnesota 13, was the corn of the moonshiners, and it was in Minnesota, not the Kentucky backwoods. Minnesota was friendly to crime in 1930 as it is friendly to terrorists in the 21st century, and it is all about money. It always about money and each of you have scores of criminals ruling over you, and just as many police officers who are more interested in pensions than being scapegoated and ruined for trying to protect the public.

1991 article in the Minneapolis Star- Tribune recalled, about the history of Minnesota, "Alvin Karpis, onetime Public Enemy No.l, once said, 'Every criminal of any importance in the 1930s made his home at one time or another in St. Paul. ... If you were looking for a guy you hadn't seen in a few months, you usually thought of two places-prison or St. Paul. If he wasn't locked up in one, he was probably hanging out in the other.' " In order for the city to have this status, veteran St. Paul Pioneer Press reporter Nate Bomberg has said, "Everybody was in on the take. You can't have an underworld without an overworld You can't have the rackets unless you have the mayor, the chief of the police, and the county attorney in your corner."

The Franklin Cover-up by Former Green Beret John DeCamp (Kindle Locations 1106-1107).

You can not have the crimes in America, of Michele Bachmann being forced out of politics, unless there is a organized ring of blackmail which can ruin and imprison people into submission or prison.

George W. Bush did absolutely NOTHING when Al Franken stole the election in 2008 from Republican Norm Coleman, when there were more votes cast than there were Minnesotans.
Norm Coleman was destroyed because he went against the Bush family and by that was removed as a contender in 2016, and provided Birther Hussein Obama the super majority to inflict Obamacare onto Americans in that reign of terror.

A deal had been worked out in the "things" that the Bush family were compromised on in their factions rule, would hand over power to those in the cartel who wanted Obama plunder, Big Frac was bought off as was Big Gun, and then it was to pave the way for Jeb Bush 2016.

Minnesota is not unique. LaVoy Finicum slaughtered in Oregon, Cliven Bundy railroaded on charges in Nevada, all are states where people are supposed to have rights, but it all goes back to the conglomerates owning the puppets of Washington and the puppets in counties, and that is what is murdering and imprisoning each of you.........and that includes those blacks being gunned down in cities by the Obama regime to blackmail the Afroids into a political group to keep the criminal syndicate in power.

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