Sunday, March 27, 2016

Oshkosh B'Islam

What Does it Mean to Be Muslim in 2015?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I just noticed that my Yahoo account, the one I keep things in like recipes, has had another attempted sign in. That might not sound anything out of the ordinary, but then there were those attempts to log in from Israel.

Then there was someone, the same someone apparently signing up for an Oshkosh B'Gosh outlet in Georgia, America, USA.

Then there was that last log in attempt in Germany, from a unknown device, and Yahoo did not appreciate that.

I suppose I should add that the account is not Lame Cherry, but a very Persian sounding name.

What you do not speak Persian?

I used to be in Yahoo chat before all that 9 11 business, and I used to collect turban heads like flies on camel shit. Egyptian Muslims are like programmed Ted Cruz boogers. Then again, there are those Persian women. They are a species as cold as ice and the human left the building before it was built.
I have found them a great deal like boa constrictors in same type.

Never mind about the genetics of the offshoot of the Semites, because I am pondering what my mail has blundered into or what has blundered into it. We appear to have a situation that some group involved in this Muslim invader trade, for some fashion reason, picking American gothic attire, and now it is linked to these resourceful invaders not only having German girl pussy, but affording expensive cell phones to log into email accounts as their English is not bonafied as their Aramaic.

The first name which is not mine of course is this:

Meaning of Aftab
The Sun
Aftab Name Origin

It is a puzzle as my account does not contain that name, and yet Yahoo is sending notices to it. 

Some magic carpet ride from the Israeli state, American gothic fashion and now iphones among the Germans.

I just want that 500,000 dollars owed me so I can retire from the interesting life.