Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ted Cruz Diaries

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It appears that Leon Chang of Mashable likes creating satire and the Dailydot with Jay Hathaway, thinks it is a great joke, so begin the Ted Cruz Diaries with Leon Chang as porn master.

The thing is that someone then takes Chang's work and overlays it, not with liberal humor, but on top of a National Enquirer story and it becomes fact on the Jeff Rense site, and hundreds of thousands of trusting people are taken advantage of.

Then it no longer is a joke. So as Mashable employs pranksters who just helped Ted Cruz in stealing the presidency from Donald Trump, let Leon Chang receive full credit for it, and all those mocking trolls who think this is a joke learn about Dominionist rule under a foreigner like Ted Cruz.
I actually believe in Dominionism in it's pure form, but when I have heard Ted Cruz in Reverse Speech, say he was going to destroy his own supporters freedom and tell his supporters he is a conman, I know in Ted Cruz that there is the roots of his ancestry in the Spanish Inquisition, and it's replacement in Sharia Law.

When Ted Cruz comes, he will destroy the Trump people first, then he will come after Leon Chang like the police state did LaVoy Finicum, and when it is over, it will be like the junta in Argentina, in Ted Cruz will be slaughtering the last of his supporters, as we have all witnessed now the real Ted Cruz, who lies to Donald Trump, all the while like Cassius, plotting to destroy him, and then unleashing with stealing state primaries in Kansas and the West and stealing delegates in Louisiana.

I find none of that funny as I remember East Germany, Romania, North Korea and Manchuria. If Ted Cruz would butcher 200 million Americans on the left and leave the right alone, I would care less. The problem with Ted Cruz is, as once he is unleashed he is going to be like Saddam Hussein and it is all going to be built upon the police state the Obama regime has been unleashing in this world.

I stand by what the inquiry stated, and that is there were 10 individuals involved in this, and they are out there.

Oh and once again, you Cruz booger E LINT trolls, get off my site and have your sins be bound to you in Jesus Name for your theft of my work. Amen and Amen

Humor runs out long before the last drop of blood stops in a mass grave and long before your last gasp in a gas chamber.

- Lame Cherry

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