Monday, March 28, 2016

Sean Hannity's New Damning Cruz Sex Evidence

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Today Sean Hannity attempted to sweep aside the story of Ted Cruz's SEXGATE with a plea for all getting along, and all did wrong and that somehow Ted Cruz PAC giving money to the Make America Awesome Pac which then went scorched earth for Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton on Mrs. Trump to which Donald Trump defended his innocent wife over, was the same crime as Ted Cruz coordinating with Heidi Cruz in that sham marriage to cover up Ted's SEXgate cheating.

The reality as I stated is simple, and that is as each day passes, the press is going to reveal more of this, in the real crimes of Ted Cruz, as in funding this PAC and in lying to the American public again, as Ted Cruz steals more elections as in Utah.

I have stated also that people can never keep their mouths shut and start blurting out things as Amanda Carpenter did on Twitter in linking herself to the woman linked to the Rand Paul campaign who was out to destroy the Scott Walker campaign and accomplished just that.
How much of a moron Governor Walker is to let Big Koch nuke him with these operatives, and then kiss Jeb's ring, and then consider lapping Ted's ring around the rosy to endorse Ted Cruz is a testament to how naive Governor Walker is.

Sean Hannity though opened his Catholic school boy mouth today in stating that he was approached with this Ted Cruz sex tape over 3 months ago, and told them to "get out of here".

Ah did you hear Sean Hannity mention any of this? Ever hear Sean Hannity ask Ted Cruz about any of this? The answer is no, and it means that Sean Hannity covered up this story like the rest of media to protect Ted Cruz as FOX was backing Cruz from the start to defeat Donald Trump for Jeb Bush.

I desire you to project this out, because when Sean Hannity knew absolutely of this sex tape existing, that means his good buddy Mark Levin, knew of this tape and that Levin covered it up, and that means that Levin's buddy Erick Erickson knew of this sex tape and covered it up, and they all went scorched earth on Donald Trump.

THINK ABOUT THAT as you know that Rush Limbaugh knew of this  sex tape and he kept vouching for how principled Ted Cruz was, knowing what a sham the Cruz marriage is, and what an absolute apostate liar Cruz is.

Everyone knew this sex tape was there, and they all kept quiet about it, and lied like Ted Cruz to their audiences.

That is the damning Ted Cruz sex tape evidence in this, and it becomes more the conspiracy to defraud the American voter, when you realize that the South Korean CIA, as the Lame Cherry broke in matter anti matter, in owning the Washington Times, fired Drew Johnson for confirming the Ted Cruz SEXGATE, and the Times was founded by Rev. Moon of Korea, and was a direct money laundering pipeline into American politics.
A story the Lame Cherry broke in now Ted Cruz being owned by South Korean CIA has North Korea targeting American cities and American blood will be shed, just because Sean Homo Hannity covered up the Ted Cruz SEXGATE with all of these other traitors.

Ted Cruz Cock Loves Matters, because our lives matter in being nuked by North Korea over this!!!

This then goes red zone, as someone bought this Ted Cruz sex tape. I can tell you exactly what took place, and I will inform you that whatever foreign regime or billionaire that purchased this tape, now has blackmail control over Ted Cruz and is implementing it at the jeopardy of your lives.
The deal for that sex tape, was the person who produced it, could not comment on it, could not produce any more copies of it, and could not ever leak it, because there is only one recording of this, and if that person violates this, the huge amount they were paid would be forfeited, along with their being hauled into court and ruined for breach of contract.
Even confirming the tape was sold and to who would violate this agreement. That is why whoever that is behind this, that looks definitely like a media backed CIA operation in league with the GOPliters, covered their tracks, but someone knows who made that sex tape, who they sold  it to, and where it is......and that someone is in the camp of Marco Rubio's billionaires who were peddling this information, before it was purchased to blackmail Ted Cruz to betray America for Obama interests.

So do you really think as Sean Homo Hannity tries to manipulate you to shut this story down,  when we have people being fired from their jobs by South Korean CIA, a complete media betrayal of all of those on the right in this cover up, someone who bought this sex tape and is using it for blackmail purposes on Ted Cruz, putting all of us in nuclear jeopardy from North Korean bombs, and the fact that from JFK to Bill Clinton, we have seen the pile of bodies and blackmail those regimes produced, that Ted Cruz as the foreign Obama in this race is a threat to national security...........all at the manipulation now of the George HW Bush and Hillary Clinton suboperational groups seeking to destroy Donald Trump and your freedom, using this sex pervert Ted Cruz, is something that should not be investigated now by the Justice Department?.

There are about a dozen felonies in the above, and several of them will get you executed. This is serious in what took place in Ted Cruz's SEXGATE as all of us are in jeopardy.

A big thank you to Sean Hannity for blowing this story wide open and I am certain those cuckservatives like Mark Levin and Erick Erickson are so pleased that Hannity outed them in their deceptions too.