Friday, March 11, 2016

Ted Cruz Anointing Just Looks Greasy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As most of you reading this are not Christians and those who are, are worshiping a God you do not know, I am going to with the Holy Ghost's assistance explain a few things, as frankly Ted Cruz is become disturbing to even my Spiritual Christianity zealotry

I am by God's Grace going to explain things, Biblical things.

To be the anointed one, has a definite meaning in the Bible. You can be anointed with the Spirit of God, as Jesus was in quoting Isaiah in the "Spirit of the Lord is upon me", which is about Jesus alone, you can be anointed with the Spirit of God, and you can be an "anointed one" by the Prophet of God, to lead as King David was.
There are those chosen by God to lead, but God does not lynch Ben Carson in Iowa, steal votes in vote fraud, attack God's chosen in the Jehu in this race of Donald Trump, and God is not the Father of lies, which  Ted Cruz  engages in constantly.

To speak in tongues is nothing. I have done it, prayed in tongues and worshiped in tongues. All it is, is being guided by the Holy Ghost to utter things in Angelic language or in whatever language the Holy Ghost speaks through.
St. Paul though warns that speaking in tongues is good, but it is of no value without anyone to interpret what is being stated. Far too often, speaking in tongues is misused and overused.

Laying on hands, is a principle for transferring blessing or healing. Once again, carried to the extreme, it is only of a good will value and no longer carries the legal pronouncement of Jacob laying on hands of Joseph to transfer the birthright.

I have not inquired, but by the fruits of Ted Cruz, his disregard for the Constitution, and his other illegal activities, I see nothing of God in his campaign. Marco Rubio released a great Christian statement in Iowa and then went berserk.

I am going to address the "ya butts" who are now pointing at Donald Trump and throwing stones at him, and condemning me for what has been stated. I have told all of you from the start of this, that a Jehu was spoken of by the Holy Ghost to me. Another who could have been, was not, and Donald Trump appears to have been risen.
Jehu in the Bible was a leader, who was chosen by God to wipe out the Ahab and Jezebel regime. Jehu was an iron fist and strong man. He told Jezebel's attendants to throw her from her window, and she did, and dogs ate her, literally. God is not raising up in these criminal apostate times an excuse maker in we are all God's children, which we are not.
American needs a Jehu and Donald Trump is it. God can provide, but it will be violent as when God raised up David and King Saul tried to hold power.

That is the difference between Donald Trump and all the other candidates, especially Ted Cruz. Cruz's dad, likes quoting the quotes to those who understand the Christian speak, but Ted Cruz reminds me of the worst types of dangers in Jim Jones believing satan's whispers that he is more than God eventually.
There is not that far of journey to burning people at the stake, from Heidi Cruz telling followers that Ted has the face of God.
There has been far too much of this in the Cruz campaign, from Glenn Beck's bizarre quotes that either has Ted as Jesus or the anti Christ, to the odd Drudge headlines.

I am a Christian Evangelical who is a Spiritual. That means I believe literally the Bible, I share the Gospel to all who will listen, and I have the Holy Ghost living within me, Who guides me, moves me, talks to me, and this is a continuous conversation.

I make it an absolute point though in the Holy Ghost leading me, that this is ALL GOD. I make it a point that I am nothing. I am nothing. I am nothing, so no semblance will ever be allowed to take root in vanity, that I become a Cain in thinking it is me, when it is always God, first, present and always.
That is what I do not see in Ted Cruz in the least. I see instead a little man, who lies to powerful and rich people to get power in this life, and will do anything to get what he wants to validate himself as Birther Hussein did.
The Cruz boogers were targeted for the militancy they have, and they have proven it. There has been nothing Christian in their attacks on everyone in particular condemning Evangelicals to hell for not voting for Ted Cruz.
I simply note that when Ted Cruz is this perverse with no power, history has revealed how absolutely evil things can be when little men attain power, who have already revealed they have no boundaries they will accept in the US Constitution.

When the very people who mocked Obama rightly for his halo head pictures, are now in zealotry on search and destroy missions for Ted Cruz, guilty of the same Obamanisms, it is a fact that Obama nuttery is just as bad as Cruz nuttery.

I told all of you that Ted Cruz was the test from God. Are people in the right going to be guilty of the same blasphemy of people on the left in worshiping Obama or are they going to reject it. This is a live court case and Christ is the Judge on the bench. I believe Donald Trump is going to be a sledge in the Hand of the Lord, to save America, just like Vladimir Putin. I pray God holds and works through these two men for the protection of Christians against what is coming.
Donald Trump is a Jehu for God's purpose. Ted Cruz is a test for your conviction or vindication.

We will all live and die by what is worked out in the next year. Some will be to eternal life and some to eternal death on the other side of this. I simply know that I have one Jesus, and I need no false prophet in Ted Cruz telling me that he is God's choice when God already has a Son.

That leaves me with Donald Trump, a man who has shown humbleness and fire. A Moses to lead us out as George Washington led us out, as Ronald Reagan tried to lead us out. As I stated I already have a Spiritual Leader in Christ as God does. I believe that God requires a strong man to work through and Donald Trump is that choice from God.

Ted Cruz, everything in me is screaming out a warning, that this is a danger. He burns like a sparkler inside and I see it as a faded light.

Ted Cruz is giving Christianity a bad name in the same way Rush Limbaugh gives Conservatives a bad name.