Friday, March 11, 2016

Respect Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I would first like to thank Dr. Ben Carson for endorsing Donald Trump for President. Mr. Carson will find that Cruz blackmail does not appear on the Trump side and that his talents will have a place to make America better for all us, under Mr. Trump's leadership.

Donald Trump: Ben Carson is 'liked and respected by everybody ...

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump had high praise for his former 2016 GOP rival Ben Carson on Friday, ahead of the retired neurosurgeon's ...

Second, I have almost concluded that something will be done about Rush Limbaugh, as his mocking Donald Trump  as the "trumpster" and the continuous Cruz apologistia of the Limbaugh Booger of "Why is Carson backing Trump when Cruz is in the race......and why does Cruz get forgiven while Trump said things............"
Apologists are such snivel.

Donald  Trump engaged in politics in debate. Ted Cruz engaged in criminal vote fraud against Ben Carson. This is too deep for the shallow Limbaugh to comprehend that free speech is not the same as a Cruz felony.

Something will have to be done with Rush Limbaugh. I would forsee his being replaced by Andy Dean. I would foresee his intelligence backed money laundering EIB lose it's funds, the FCC investigating the Limbaugh carrier stations for his propaganda, and a full scale Justice Department investigation into the Cruz money laundering to Limbaugh and Levin, would suffice in legal bleeding of their hundreds of millions of dollars from their accounts, an equal appointment in massive fines, and 20 years in the grey bar, should send the clear message that this poison mocking against Donald Trump for this foreigner Ted Cruz is not going to be allowed for 2020 elections.

I believe that taking the cock out of Homo Hannity's mouth, would persuade Sean to be a proper Christian in taking over the Limbaugh slot, Andy Dean would then take over Hannity's slot and Michael Savage would then be the national slot replacing Mark Levin.

"I will make your Louvre shake for those Paris balls".

You will rue the day you sold out for Ted Cruz, all of you. It is time to be a good chap like Dr. Carson and make nice. Ben Carson was not in the race to hate Donald Trump. Ben Carson was in his race to make profits for those who raise money for Negroid candidates in fundraising AND KEEP 40%. That is why Michelle Malkin was writing about the wonderful Mrs. Carson as she is part of this disgusting manipulation of the masses in this money laundering scheme.
Ben Carson will be empowered by Donald Trump, so you auditioning mutton, have to develop human understanding before any of you can bleat about things in lynching Ben Carson now, as you had no idea that the Bush fundraisers who are now Cruz fundraisers only had Carson in the race as a show Nigger in more racism.

And here are your Ted Cruz slave master flesh peddlers.

Michelle Malkin | » Meet Candy Carson: The anti-Michelle Obama

Meet Candy Carson: The anti-Michelle Obama. ... Candy Carson — wife of GOP 2016 hopeful Dr. Ben Carson, ... But Mrs. Carson's own personal story is ...

Ben Carson's Wife Candy | National Review Online

Ben Carson's wife, Candy, is the exact opposite of whiny Michelle Obama.

The adults are now going to manage all of this and it would be best if you stopped bleating as it only reveals what auditioning mutton you are.

Perhaps it would be nice to make a present of Limbaugh and Levin to Vladimir Putin.