Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ted Cruz Confesses to Adultery

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Ted Cruz like in all of his lies and deceptions is a great deal like Bill Clinton, in he can not keep his mouth shut, and thereby confesses his sins.

Felito Raphael Ted Edward Cruz has a history of this, in Reverse Speech with David  John Oates, Mr. Cruz confesses he is a conman and confesses that he is going to destroy American's freedom. All quite telling and chilling, but also it reveals the Ted Cruz more and more people are detesting and loathing.

In forensic psychology, which the Lame Cherry is a pioneer architect of, there are patterns the mind speaks, and whether figurative or literal, they confess the sins of the sinner. For Ted Cruz, when he blurted out about "not wanting to copulate with that rat Donald Trump", it reveals many things.

It is about the figurative meaning which  Ted Cruz is confessing to.

Ted Cruz Implies He'd Fuck a Rat As Long As It Wasn't Donald ...

Ted Cruz has a curious way of taking a situation he has every right to be mad about and responding to it ... Ted Cruz Implies He'd Fuck a Rat As Long As It Wasn't ...

The first thing it reveals is Ted Cruz has reached stress break point, as there is a cardinal rule, that you never repeat a charge you are charged with, and then amplify that charge. Repeating about sex, and including rats is something someone in control as a debater would never do, and yet Ted Cruz did just that.

The word "copulate" is revealing too, as it is the Ivy League Harvard Lawyer intellectual appearing, and telling the world, "I am smarter than all you stupid people and my brilliance will defeat all of you."
Not when that intelligence is based in emotional extremism out of control and thinking about rat sex, because that is what the electorate now is repeating as they broke this down, and that thought is Ted Cruz and Rat Sex.

The Lame Cherry though in matter anti matter is going to in analysis reveal something far more damning in this, and that is Ted Cruz actually confessed to be an adulterer who cheated on his unbalanced wife who was suicidal.

I ask you first in walking you through this, "What is a rat?" Now think beyond this to what it really means, and not in the rodent or things disgusting, but think of what it means in the context of what Ted Cruz is speaking of a "rat".

Think back to Jimmy Cagney, the definition of "rat", in his movie credits in, "You dirty rat".

What does it mean when someone "rats you out"? Yes it is someone who has revealed something about you which you are very emotional and embarrassed about.

Now ask yourself, does a rat tell the police the Truth or a lie about you? An informant always tells the Truth, and that is why it is so damaging. A rat is someone who knows your intimate secrets and tells them in order to destroy you.
So Ted Cruz is confessing that his multiple affairs are indeed fact, and he has been lying to everyone.

I repeat, Ted Cruz by his analogy confessed he is a liar and a cheat.

Now the question in this is did Donald Trump do this? Not in the least, because we know that Marco Rubio's supporters were the ones who have been pushing this story which has been covered up by the press for almost half a year.
Mr. Trump has heard these allegations, but has not mentioned them once, but yet in Ted Cruz's mindset he is blaming Donald Trump, because that is what Ted Cruz has been doing in smearing Donald Trump from the start of this.

Now return to the "copulate" in which Ted Cruz involves his sexual sins and lies to America, in a segue to sex with a rat. What Ted Cruz is really stating figuratively as he gets caught in his own lies and trap is that Ted Cruz is not going to join, reproduce, or extend what a rat does, and what a rat does is TELL THE TRUTH.

Ted Cruz is confessing that he does not want any part of the Truth and that Ted Cruz has blamed the Truth for uncovering one of his myriad of lies he has been foisting upon his booger followers.

This is nothing a President should be about, as John Kennedy and Bill Clinton proved. This is a disaster for the Cruz children, for the nefarious and unbalanced Mrs. Cruz. This is a disaster for the escorts as they have revealed that the Ted Sex Network passes women around and that it is numbers of dirty politicians and insiders abusing these women. This is a disaster for the women who Ted Cruz was sexing, because they have careers and families, and this will end in divorces, people being named and torn apart by the best of lawyers.

Ted Cruz confessed to his adultery. Ted Cruz confessed to his not wanting to be any part of the Truth. This is not something Mark Levin or the Cruz boogers can blame on staff or others, because this was Ted Cruz as a SERIAL SEXER has been hunting women for years, using his position of power, and embezzling money to pay for sex trysts.

Fully remember this is who Erick Erickson, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin vouched for. This is the kind of "good guy" they lied to their audience about repeatedly in smear attacks upon Donald Trump.

What kind of man drives his wife to suicide, puts her on dope to make her happy, cheats on her repeatedly exposing her to diseases which can murder her, exposes his children to that, and then drags them onto a Presidential campaign stage, where these people's lives are going to be forever scarred, by the actions of Ted Cruz, who appears to not give a rat's ass about anyone, about honesty, about Truth, about America.

With his own mouth, Ted Cruz blurted out his confession of adultery and more lying to America. I do not know what will awaken some Christian and American morality in the Cruz boogers who have been equally abused by Ted Cruz in his mind control conditioning which has them doing abusive and bullying things to others for their Ted. I hope something stirs in them in this barn full of straws in that one of them in this mountain should be the straw which breaks the camel's back.

You know when Matt Drudge is not running any feeds on this new Ted crime, that the elite want to keep this covered up, and all of this has always been about keeping lying Ted Cruz around to destroy you, by destroying Donald Trump from saving you.

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