Saturday, March 26, 2016

This is a private conversation so stay off the Lame Cherry

Lame Cherry: Feb 10, 2013

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It was brought to my attention that the trolls were trashing me this morning on Conservative Treehouse......the same trolls who admit to taking things from this site and not donating, and the same trolls who claim such great knowledge about subjects and stating that what I write is wrong.
Again, thieves stealing from me and admitting their crimes, but being holier than thou on Easter weekend.

I am going to set the record straight as the trolls posting there have no clue as these Cruz boogers sit on Conservative Treehouse lurking around praising how great Sundance is who apparently is Conservative Treehouse.
They make the claim  that I read this groups "stuff". I have never read a word of what they have ever posted. I have linked to articles in kindness at times at CT for the simple reason they are useful in the process to promote Donald Trump. The fact is, unless I am grabbing an addy off of the site, I  never am on that site as I am too busy working.

I was again attacked for the "filth" on this site. The filth is on this site to reflect the filth in America which these trolls generate. It is a mirror image of them. The filth is here also to keep the Mockingbird from stealing all of my posts and to weed the timid out from associating with this site, because if you are not ready to deal with the facts, you are still the Darwin candidate for the gulag extermination, and that is where you belong.

It amazes me in a world of Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz lies, that everyone in this battle is supposed to operate on Jesus standards of fictional purity, when combating resident least that is what the Mockingbird spew is to try and hem in every one challenging this crooked system.
The trolls come out when there is success in thwarting the system and they start posting their lies with not any proof, and we are supposed to accept their judgments as fact and not slanderous.

For the fact, I have not read nor been on Ulsterman's site for years. The other's which were brought to my attention I have not heard of, because this blog is constructed by God's Inspiration and I do not need nor would I accept the writings of others.
The fact is, those who say they know things, are quoting their skewed observations or experiences, and what I am doing is putting forward the time line which is generating. In the process I will turn every tool the enemy is generating harm with, back upon them in their own words, just like the Cruz apologists were on CT today defending Cruz and trashing the National Enquirer, but not intelligent enough until to comprehend in forensic psychology that Ted Cruz confessed to cheating on his wife, because he termed Donald Trump a "rat" and a rat is someone who always tells the Truth to the authorities and gets liars into trouble.

That of course will filter through to these thieving trolls and then be silenced by being outed as fools, and they will forget about how they stole from this blog and how they bore false witness against me.

It is too much for small minds to conceive in awe, that God works through me, and that God generated through this blog a way to stop Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton and I was writing about a Jehu long before Donald Trump arrived.
Small minds can not comprehend the matrix and never comprehend all the things which are taking place here which is beyond their tard intelligence.

I will repeat this curse. STAY OFF THE LAME CHERRY, because stealing from me, cursing me, will require your souls as you are interfering with God's work. None of you are going to get away with any of this.
Your sins are sealed to you in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.

The moment God says I can leave you sit in your darkness, I will be most pleased to be shed of you. There are those coming who will afflict you and bring the grave, and then you will wonder in a fleeting moment how much you would relish Lame Cherry to be around to save you again and tell you how things really are.

.........and no the Lame Cherry's time line is never wrong, it is your ignorance in not being intelligent enough to realize that my quoting time lines which are wrong, proves how all of you shit for brains are being lied to and never have figured it out......but of course blame me, as beating up a woman is your forensic psychological profile as an old man bullying people with your empirical authority who never made it to first base in life.....and that is why you are stuck commenting on the Conservative Treehouse as no one is interested in your turd for thoughts.

If you can not figure out what satire is or what reality is, you belong on the Mark Levin sites of Mockingbird, so go away.

Pay your debts and if you do not donate, GET YOUR DEVIL BOWING SELF  OFF THE LAME  CHERRY as I never invited you here.