Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Ted Cruz Pisseth Against The Wall

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am interested in a story linked to Ted Cruz which is being buried and that means something is going on in this story which needs being exposed.

What if I were to tell you, that Ted Cruz showed up in Idaho, and the pulpit pounder who gave a rousing affirmation about Cruz to the few people gathered there, was shot the next day?
Cruz's speech was vintage right supremacist in stringing up the Muslims and you will notice the press is not reporting that.

See what you do not know if you have not a vantage point is Idaho is Aryan Nations Country. This is Randy Weaver and Ruby Ridge Country.  This is country so white that when Mark Furman of the OJ Simpson investigation settled there, the press had no problems with smearing him as a white supremacist.

So let us return to this strange brew in Ted Cruz appears at a rally in Cour D'Alene, and the next day the pulpit pounder who is a California native from Riverside, gives a talk at his church on a Saturday, where by the shooter Kyle Andrew Odom, attends it, waits around outside and then at point blank range unloads into the body of the preacher.

In addition to the bullet to the pastor’s skull, Crigger said “one of the bullets busted his hip, one fractured his shoulder pretty bad

OK from my forensic lectures here in frowning about 9 mm's, bouncing off of people's skulls, what do you think Mr. Odom was probably shooting that day? Yes one of those pissy 9 mm's that are inferior loadings, so at least we probably can ascertain the caliber from the wounds and  the living political pulpit pounder still being alive.

Kyle Andrew Odom is most interesting as this American is a very intelligent man. Connect the dots points to he joined the Marines to pay for college, which he graduated Magna Cum Laude in biochemistry.

If you remember Kneau Reeves in his own private Idaho, I believe inquiry points to what was going on here. Tim Remington was gathering up the street trash in this part of beautiful Idaho, and in prances political Ted Cruz, a foreigner by birth, pissing on that private Idaho, and then jets out, which makes Remington a target for not saving people, but being a focal point in the degradation of America.

I did an inquiry and with the bounce of information in the matrix, what comes out is Kyle Odom voted for George W. Bush, but did not vote again. He is no longer in country, but out of the country. Which probably explains why the police have not located him.

I frown when I hear this "armed and dangerous" alert always being over used. I do not view Kyle Andrew Odom any more dangerous than anyone else. He located his target, who he was incensed by for Tim Remington being a California coddling dopers, which something inside of Odom's triggered, when Ted Cruz appeared with his fiery rhetoric.

I will return to this at this point in the hypocrisy of the media and especially Ted Cruz as there has been a complete smear against the Trump family from Fred Trump to Donald Trump, with black lives matters being whipped up by Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz.
Ted Cruz goes into the heart of Aryan Nations, gives a burn em at the stake speech about Muslims, and then jets out, and an implant Californian coddling dope heads gets shot......and the media does not make one mention of what north Idaho is infamous for and why people move there and live there.

White supremacist group returns to Idaho - Columbia Daily ...
Columbia Daily Tribune
Apr 19, 2009 - COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho (AP) — The Aryan Nations, a white supremacist group, has returned to northern Idaho with what it is calling a “world ...

What Ted Cruz did was the equivalent of going to a KKK rally, telling them to go lynch Niggers, and putting a christian blessing on it. I do not speak for Kyle Andrew Odom, but do you think someone who fought for America, has been through hell, has worked his tail off in a college degree, might have some strong judgments on subjects, in seeing his country destroyed, his community being bong pipe central, and his life feeling wasted, so this American vents?

Seriously, where is image Obama on this? The image can not appear soon enough in screaming about gun control, but there is something in this which the Obama regime is running from, and the puppy press is holding back information, and providing cover for insider Ted Cruz.

We may never know exactly what triggered Kyle Andrew Odom. Perhaps Pulpit Tim was engaged in something in making victims out of victims as the clergy is known to do and Odom responded, perhaps Pulpit Tim said something to Odom which was offensive. I am not making the person shot into the problem, but it must be focused upon that Odom did not target Cruz, but only went after Pulpit Tim after the preacher went political and gained the stage, empowering Pulpit Tim and vouching for Ted Cruz.

We do not know if this was Obama drugs as the Veterans Administration pumps these kids full of happy pills to deal with all these wars put them through, as that too is being hidden, in no one is releasing information about Mr. Odom's VA associations.

Kyle Andrew Odom is no more dangerous than Andres Breivik. They hit their target and as long as you do not pet them, they will leave you in peace, as  you are not their target.
If he is in the Mideast again, and employed, I doubt anyone will ever hear about him again, unless he makes a mistake in being homesick and starts reaching out to his family again.

Unlike California Police officer, Chris Dorner, it appears that Kyle Odom has blended into the woodwork. As he made it through phase one search and is at large in phase two, he might never be seen again, if his psychology can make the break with family and location and we will never really know what triggered all of this........but again, this is a Pulpit Tim who is hanging around with dope heads, was next to Ted Cruz trash talking Muslims, and Tim Remington is shot, multiple times, which means extreme emotion, and why is the Secret Service not interested in any of this?

It is in the story of this well adjusted smiling successful American, Kyle Andrew Odom. This man was just fine 4 months ago and is most likely just fine today, but what happened in Obamaland with Ted Cruz and this Pulpit Tim to cause that event.