Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hillary Clinton: The Only Republican in the GOPliter Race

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Several moons ago, the Lame Cherry wrote an expose' on Hillary Rodham Clinton which predicted that all of the GOPliters would back Hillary Clinton in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, because Hillary Clinton has always been a Rockefeller Republican who was recruited by the CIA to be a minder for their native son, William  Jefferson Blythe Rockefeller Clinton, who was an intelligence asset for the CIA too.

I pointed out that young Hillary Clinton was a Barry Goldwater Republican, but after Goldwater was soundly defeated, this shattered young Hamrod, and she threw in with the Rockefeller Romney Bush group, and that is why she went after Richard Nixon and viral for lesbian liberalism.

This is the world of Hillary Clinton in she is the only Republican in the 2016 race. It is why FOX is head up her twat as are all the GOPliter elite.

Forum May Signal Thaw Between Dems and Network...

I am going to first explain why I use the term GOPliter. The term is based upon the gauleiters who actually ruled National Socialist Germany. Adolf Hitler was always intimidated by this oligarch or civil service group of local politicians who ruled Germany as despots.

When you measure the George Soros, Warren Buffett, Paul Singer, Robert Mercer's in this billionaire fag group who are utilized by the aristocracy, they are all the same feudal capitalists raping nations and stealing your investments while the police state criminalize you.
This is the group who is the front group for the ruling elite. They are the GOPliters who I am telling you NEVER intended for Jeb Bush to win anything. Jeb Bush was always the strawman in this like Romney and McCain.
I do not want you to think that Bush, Cruz, Rubio, Romney, McCain ever know they are being offered up, because this group of egotistical narcissists believe everything the GOPliters tell them. The GOPliters are told in American National Socialism to go out and pick one of the assets who has been corrupted that wants to be fund them, and then the American people will be lied to, and left to think they actually are not in Stalin's Russia with only one candidate to vote for. Democracy must work as we have all these candidates.......problem is the candidates are all owned by the GOPliters.

Ted Cruz was put into this 2016 race so Jeb Bush could beat the hell out of him, meaning defeat the Tea Party to prove to the Tea Party they were losers. When Donald Trump came into this race, Ted Cruz was supposed to chisel off votes from Mr. Trump to defeat him, at which point Ted Cruz in his crimes would be thrown over the side of the boat.
Cruz is no Republican. Cruz is feudal globalist of Canadian birth who confessed he was not eligible before all of this took place in his run. Cruz in Reverse Speech says he is a conman.

Marco Rubio is not a Republican. Rubio is the one in reverse speech who shouts out FU America. Rubio is a leftist Jesuit in Latin revolution.

If you listen to Hillary Clinton, she repeats almost every line in reverse speech that she is EVIL.

Hillary Clinton though, which is bad news for Democrats, just happens to be a Nelson Rockefeller Republican, which was simply an infection of the small government, isolationist Republicans which Pat Buchanan now typifies, which is what the Donald Trump supporters are at heart, like McKinley, Coolidge and Harding.

That is probably a shock to the Hillary Clinton voters, to find out that she is Rockefeller Republican, but then Obama was in the 2008 race to herd black votes, until the Clinton's got into trouble over the uranium mining sales which have now murdered LaVoy Finicum in Oregon, and with that Obama graduated from the herding to being herder in Marxist in chief. Clinton has always been this socio capitalist. The same group which funded fascism in the Rockefellers in Europe.
Amazing thing in the reality that Hillary Clinton is the antithesis of the Democratic Party, and the antithesis of the Republican Party. She is parts of all of the worst forms of tyranny of every regime.

These GOPliters are not going to stop, and that means they will destroy the Trump family as an example, if Mr. Trump does not win this or take this back by force. For the ill which were cheering the murder of LaVoy Finicum, the reality is the tides of battle turn, when the GOPliters are finished picking off their problems on the right, they are coming for you Bernie Sanders voters, and they are coming for the Clinton voters, because  they have your replacements already to live in your homes and to rape your children in image Obama's 100 million first wave of Muslims and Latins.

Comprehend the reality of what and who Hillary Clinton is. She is a politically fractured female who picks others to validate herself and they are all losers, which has her rejecting her morals in becoming hip deep in lesbianism and rationed death. This is the Rockefeller Republican who ordered the incineration of the Waco children and it is the same Rockefeller Republicans who were spraying people with radiation, using cancer as a genetic experiment and profit margin, as the communists were overthrowing the Democratic party.

I will state again, that old rapist Bill Clinton if he were Hillary, he would actually be good for most Americans, but Hillary Clinton is not a Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton is the worst of George H. W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama. She is that infection of Rockefeller globalism in turning a stay out of foreign wars Americans into using our children as fodder for socio capitalist domination, where Americans are slaughtered and impoverished and the 1% gains all the power and money.

That is who Hillary Clinton works for, the 1%. The same 1% which owns Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. The same 1% which funds Bernie Sanders, not because they like Bernie Sanders, but Bernie is conditioning of Americans accepting not the closet Marxism of Obama, but the professed communism of Bernie Sanders, creating the model of financial repression to take away your political power, and Europeanize you as slaves forever.

Donald Trump is an honest, Nationalist, common sense Conservative, who is further right wing than Ronald Reagan. He happens to be in a Republican Party led by GOPliters and filled with disaffected Democrats and Tea Party Republicans as their only salvation from all of this.
It is why Donald Trump was having problems, because he is honest, and he never figured there would be outright vote theft against him in stealing primaries.

It is why though that all the Republican elite are backing Hillary Clinton, in the exact way they protected Barack Hussein Obama, who was nothing but another looter of the feudalcrats. Hillary Clinton is their kind of despot who loots the US Treasury like Obama and makes Wall Street and Ghetto Street Welfare the profit structure for the 1%.
It is an evil against mankind which is as old as Soviet Stalin to the Roman Empire.