Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thanks to one and All

Unloading buffalo bones at rail terminal, Dakota Territory, in 1885 ...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

At this late hour, I wanted to say thank you to everyone for their support as of late and it is summed up in this note tonight.

I appreciate all you do and want you to know there are many that support you!

Both of us get bashed around quite a bit doing this blog, and for myself, it has been hard to unhook the plough lately in enjoying the blog in getting things done. I feel like I am just going through the motions, even when God is good to me again in Inspiring the Dirt on Heidi Cruz, and showing how all of this current series of attacks on Donald Trump over women's issues has been plotted out as a strategy, with Ted  Cruz as the knife in the back of Mr. Trump, so the GOPliters will have their Hillary Clinton in the White House to continue on this genocide of America.

I was disgusted tonight as a caught a live feed of Kristi Noem out of South Dakota, sounding like Hillary Clinton in questioning Donald Trump's abilities. I put this blog on the line in removing baby killer Stephanie Herseth Sandlin and putting Noem into that chair.
Is Noem better than Herseth Sandlin? Yeah, but it is like saying have liver cancer is better than lung cancer as at least you won't suffocate to death.
All of the work this blog and you are doing, the things you are going through in being stalked and harassed by Cruz boogers, and then you have the very people who are not supposed to be a problem, become a problem, it is just a regret as all it does is create another political pariah who is loyal to party over America.

I did want to say thank you though again to all of you as I am not enjoying this a great deal, and I did need Donald Trump's positive Tweet today about unifying the party as leader.

I do appreciate your reading what is posted here and your being respectful. There are so many Mog's now (minders of the government) that they deserve a title, and I try and take solace in the thought, that Donald Trump or not, this system is being pulled down by the elite and the majority of this will reach planet temperature.

It reminds me in checking the stock tonight in I have two sets of bones from a bull and a cow which died several years ago. They are still so white and bones just have a memory on the land of events which I have forgotten. The world will be covered by billions of skeletons and hundreds of millions of skeletons in America if Donald Trump is not in the White House.

It is simply..........

Cutting off your Trump to spite your Cruz.

- Lame Cherry

Do not be of concern my children, as if the evil wins in stopping Mr. Trump, I will amplify the reckoning in the matrix. I have decided upon this to deal with my disappointment, as even God gave Egypt to Nebuchadnezzar for making the earth scorched.

I will believe though this Jehu will have God directing this victory as one must have Faith.