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John Kerry, The Movie

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I was thinking about American hero, John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, and according to the former wife of John Heinz, and now Mrs. Kerry, really knew how to "ahk ahk ahk ahk ahk ahk" all those little brown skinned Indochinese, and received lots of medal for this accomplishment.

As you can see John Kerry, was a big friend of Obama mentor, Teddy Kennedy, and was the democrat choice for President, and the Obama choice to be Secretary of State.

I was thinking about our hero though, as a fictional hero, like Luke Skywalker of Star Wars or something Mr. Jennifer Warner would film, and as John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, in a swiftboat, but was never a SEAL or connected with Intelligence, so what would hero John Kerry, of the democratic party do if the Evil Empire appeared and..........well shot his something really mean like broke his something really notorious like made him listen to Rush Limbaugh for three hours a day. What would Ben Affleck do in directing a hero like our John Kerry, who did serve in Vietnam.

As John Kerry who served in Vietnam, was not in the SEALS or associated with Intelligence, he would not know that the SEALS used to shoot people in the head with like Ruger Mark I semi auto pistols with a silencer, as their assassination gun, firing 22 lead solids, but John Kerry would not know that, so I suppose he would not know that and think about some other means to battle the Evil Empire.

Thing is John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, might be benefited in not knowing about this assassination pistol, because most people cannot shoot pistols accurately.

So I suppose that Mr. Jennifer Garner would cast something like a Marlin bolt action 22 rimfire magnum, a 982, with a scope, bi pod and silencer for our hero John Kerry, who happened to serve in Vietnam, not in the SEALS or associated with Intelligence. As this would be quite dramatic, in accurate 100 to 150 yard head shots, from cover, a real commando making Luke Skywalker war on the Evil Empire.

For those who might doubt the use of our hero in this Ben Affleck movie, of a 982 Marlin, bolt action rifle, with silencer, scope and bi pod, firing 22 lead solids, I happened to find this tragic story of a federal employee out sitting in goose decoys, and a farmer driving by, thought the decoys were ravenous geese eating his crops, so stuck a 22 rifle out the window and fired up into the air to scare the geese away, but alas the 22 bullet struck the federal employee in the head, and killed him.

Farmer shoots hunter hiding in the decoys in South Dakota [Archive ... › ... › Flocknocker's Goose Roost
Dec 8, 2004 - 28 posts - ‎28 authors
[Archive] Farmer shoots hunter hiding in the decoys in South Dakota Flocknocker's ... As the investigation into the shooting continued Tuesday, Johnson ... They were goose decoys that had been set out by Torgerson and his ...

Now no one would ever shoot a federal employee, not even in a Ben Affleck movie, starring hero John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, and did shoot little brown skinned people in Indochina, but in this movie John Kerry would be shooting uniform wearing, employees of some Evil Empire who broke his it was assassinated his wife's former husband in a plane crash as he was a Conservative in order to get the Heinz that is was something the Evil Empire did like making him listen to Rush Limbaugh.

See I suppose the script would show John Kerry, who served in Vietnam obtaining his ammunition in some way which would not be traced, wearing thin shooter gloves so no fingerprints would be on the bullets, or leaving any cases around to be found by the Evil he would set up in like a remote location where some Evil Empire person was assaulting the locals and firing one shot and disappearing, would be greatly celebrated, but greatly hunted as the Evil Empire does not appreciate being shot at.

Maybe though Mr. Jennifer Garner would choose the inspiration of a Black man, in too much whiteness is sort of racism, but John Kerry might be a fan of the DC Sniper, who set up a sniper car, where he could crawl from the back seat of his car or something, and shoot out the trunk.

DC Area Sniper Fast Facts -
Nov 4, 2013 - (CNN)Here's a look at what you need to know about the shooting spree that occurred in the Mid-Atlantic/Washington D.C. area in October 2002. Ten people were killed and three injured in sniper-style shootings. John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo were arrested, tried and convicted ...

John Allen Muhammad

Lee Boyd Malvo - Beltway sniper attacks - DC Sniper - ...

Lee Boyd Malvo

Other names, John Lee Malvo, Malik Malvo, The Beltway ...

There did not seem to be any Evil Empire involved in this, but maybe John Kerry could be a fan as this is a Muslim thing and with Barack Hussein Obama visiting mosques, one can see how this could all be something like Fort Hood in that Nidal Hassan who is a freedom fighter, like the little brown people John Kerry used to shoot when he served in Vietnam, but not with a Navy SEAL Ruger Mark I assassination pistol, but with other calibers like the 223 which makes more noise and has more recoil, but the DC Sniper did use this round, but we are thinking if John Kerry was going commando that the Evil Empire might have stolen lands, driven him off his property, taken John Heinz billions and his comrades might be under siege having occupied, like evil Wall Street, like the Wall Street Occupiers, and maybe John Kerry could shoot the matches out of Evil Empire smokers attempting to light up and produce more carbon imprint on the environment, which is something we all can agree is something we have been told is a bad thing.

Yes John Kerry would show those who ask, "What is it we can do?", for Ben Affleck makes wonderful movies about Jimmy Carter having Muslim problems, while having affairs on his ex wife, Jennifer Garner, who never looked lovelier than when she was replaced by Rachel Emily Nichols.

I realize that she is not as appealing as John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, not in the SEALS and not connected with Intelligence, in his choice of armament in the Ben Affleck movie,  of a bolt action 22 magnum rifle, but she does look good propped up on her bipod and looks both enjoyable to load and pleasurable when she goes off.

We all though can not be fortunate sons, like John Fogerty, because some of us might fall on times when the Evil Empire brings the Death Star against us, and only someone like John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, but not in the SEALS, nor was he connected with Intelligence, would show us all what we could do in another wonderful Ben Affleck movie.

I wonder if Ben Affleck would have John Kerry using cash to pay for things so his swipe cards could not be tracked, using secondary roads so mini cams would not record his comings and goings, and if he would wear something to lessen his heat signature from like drones overhead seeing him, as John Kerry would never do what he was doing in the same location twice, do things in the area he lived, and somehow find a way to acquire a list of targets which would not be traced back to him, and I would bet a brilliant producer like Mr. Jennifer Garner would never post things online to alert Darth Vader or say things on his cell phone, as he would sort of be like an alter ego, in this movie in no one would ever suspect him.

Such intelligent Hollywood stories and all for our heroes, and all that would be left would be to name the film and collect the Oscar.

All for the fortunate sons. That's it, John Kerry, The Fortunate Fatherless Sons.

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