Monday, March 7, 2016

The 7th House of Earth

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Immanuel Velikovsky writes in, In the Beginning, a thought provoking work based upon The Legends of the Jews, that the mystics understood that this Earth, was indeed void and without form, in the beginning, and that it was shaped through 6 cycles or eras, much like the expanses of time which science adheres to.

Each of these cycles though was a period of perfecting, in making the earth a better place. The reason for bringing this up, is not to advance evolution or other scientific ignorance which scorns upon Christianity, but the fact that God says His Spirit brooded upon the waters, does indeed mean there was a planet, and water, before there was light, and everything which we are taught here from night unto day, birth womb to earth womb, goes from darkness to light, even the grave to Christ is again darkness to light in the New Moon observance to the Full moon completion.

There is purpose in God's natural teaching in revealing Himself, so that science before Christ in Judgment will be convicted in denying him, as that which they worship declares Christ.

The mystics hinted that the 7 worlds do not exist separate, but exist in the same connection, like a basement, foundation, floors, walls, ceiling, rafters and roof, in a completion of God's Plan, in humans becoming the children of God as the final completion of this as Christ is the completion of the Law.

Already before the birth of our Earth, worlds were shaped and brought into existence, only to be destroyed in the course of time: “Nor is this world inhabited by man the first of things earthly created by God. He made several worlds before ours, but he destroyed them all.” The Earth underwent re-shaping: six consecutive remouldings. Heaven and Earth were changed in every catastrophe. Six times the Earth was rebuilt—without entire extirpation of life on it, but with major catastrophes. Six ages have passed into the great beyond; this is the seventh creation, the time in which we live.
According to another tradition, several heavens were created, seven in fact. Also seven earths were created: the most removed being the seventh Erez, followed by the sixth Adamah, the fifth Arka, the fourth Harabbah, the third Yabbashah, the second Tebel and our own land called Heled, and like the others, it is separated from the foregoing by abyss, chaos, and waters.
The description permits an interpretation that all the seven earths exist simultaneously; but a deeper insight will allow us to recognize that the original idea did not admit seven concurrent but separate firmaments and worlds in space, but only consecutive in time, and built one out of another: “The seven heavens form a unity, the seven kinds of earth form a unity, and the heavens and the earth together also form a unity.”

We can understand what is above, by the Sacred Geometry, the Kaballah, the Great Architect, the washing of waters upon stone in shaping them, in this continuous roll of the clouds before the storm, as God crafts this universe and us, from emotional turmoil to the great electromagnet forces, pushing and pulling upon all.

These are things to keep in mind, in a time of the anti Christ, as we are fed conditioning influences of "pyramids on Mars" to "alien demons", in this would fit with a reality of a "fall of Angels" or another chaos leaving signatures of them, which seem confusing, until it is understood that the Bible reveals In the beginning, the Elohim created the heavens and the earth. There is not a first day, until God commands light, and only then does our century cycle begin.

So do not be confused by deceptions, as the Bible is always accurate. It is just sometimes that God has not revealed everything as a purpose to test your Faith in trusting in Him, that God does have explanations for all things, and science is the buffoonery which refuses to fit their god into the complete picture.

For your understanding.