Monday, March 7, 2016

The Russian Thoroughbred

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The Russians are always thought of as such a harsh people, but I wanted to share this of what the Czarist Russians were like, including the peasant Cossacks, when it came to their horses.

In fact, the Russian horses, I believe, are the best in the world. The Russian people take better care of their horses than any other people I have ever known. They are strong, well fed, and full of spirit, and not mutilated in the cruel manner in which we find them in our own country and other countries of Europe. In fact, in Russia it is considered bad form for a driver to carry a whip, and I never saw during my stay a horse that appeared to be ill treated or ill fed.

Miles, Nelson Appleton, 1839-1925. Military Europe

The photos of the Russian horses show the greatest of bloodlines, in being very much the English Thoroughbred, but if you observe closely, you can witness the Russian lines had more pronounced Arabian lines. This is relevant that the three foundation studs of the Thoroughbred were Arabian stallions, crossed with English breeds.
The modern English are larger in the Steeplechase type, while the American is more pronounced in the racing type or the Bulldog used in American rodeo.

It saddens me to think what the communists and wars did to these wonderful Russian horses, as much as what it did to these peoples. We hear of Russian brutality, but these people loved their horses and were some of the most gifted equestrians in the world.

One Russian horse was worth more than all the damned Marxists in the world.