Friday, March 25, 2016

The Cancer on Ted Cruz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It may come as a surprise to you, but people know people, and people talk about the same gossip that you talk about with your friends.

Capitol Hill is one of the biggest mouth whore gossip colonies on planet earth. Everyone of those retard interns to the Senators to the lobbyists all know what is doing what on the Hill, and there is always some hose pocket getting laid by someone at NSA who hears something about someone liking their nipples pinched to Beyonce.

So when it comes out that someone notices Ted Cruz and tattoo pal, Amanda Carpenter were eating out twice a week, and that supporter of Marco Rubio records it for future use, that should not be any surprise.

What is also not a surprise is that Ted Cruz is a dumb fucker and I do mean dumb fucker.

There are rules in this to not parade the pussy in public like David Letterman did. There are rules that when you get caught with muff on your breath, you come clean as a cunt face, and say it was not sex, but that you were seeking advice on how to deal with your crazy wife.......and then you have Heidi Cruz speak all this spin to Diane Sawyer.

If you do not House of Cards lie, then you end up with this......not one whore, but two.

Jane Doe: Some clients do and some do not, he never said anything about being married. He seemed to need mothering of some sort, before we engaged in some of his requested acts.
Detective: Requested acts?
Jane Doe: sometimes I would dress as a catholic school girl for role play, that is popular with many clients though. Other times he would request for me to dress like a judge.

Catholic school girls and Judges. Nice to have the pedophile Ted and the Ted on a leash psychology to know what crevices are operating in that cranium.

If these escort stories are true, which they are, then Ted Cruz has been using campaign funds for paying off prostitutes, barely age legal for sex.

The real story in this is how Insider Protected Ted Cruz has been, in order to use him to destroy Donald Trump. Rubio's people have been pushing this scandal, and Breitbart which answers to Robert Mercer who owns the E Sight and backs Cruz, shut it down, like all the national media did.

The problem is Amanda Carpenter should have told her sister in law to shut up, as apparently every one from Gramma to the family cat knows that Ted Cruz was shoving his dick into Tattoo Amanda.

The woman, whose brother is married to the alleged paramour — who appears on CNN as contributor, said, “It’s true. They were together only a few times.” She added her sister-in-law, “was transfixed by Ted. He has a way of selling ice to an Eskimo.” I asked when the affairs occurred. “Right before Ted’s campaign for Senate,” she said. “They’d get together when Cruz visited DC.” She added, “The whole family knows, everybody knows about this.”

Apparently Amanda Carpenter's geezer husband was glad to have Cruz sweating out the oldie in Amanda. Knowing that at least two prostitutes were coating Ted with their juices, that is a strange kind of husbandly affection, in you end up in the morgue from AIDS, because Ted was jizzing your Suzy rotting crotch.

You did notice in the tattoo photo above in the shitter, that the bearer likes dresses slit up the back for bend over access right?
Too much information, I know.

What all of us know now, is that this Easter four day weekend is the diagnosis of a Cancer on the Ted Cruz presidential run. There will be no Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh or Erick Erickson to deflect, and it will all be the facts leaking out and fusing the public's mind to what a perverted degenerate LYING TED CRUZ IS.

Escorts talking, Sister in Laws blabbing, and the cover up becomes uncovered and like Watergate the cover up is worse than the crime.

The only person in this race more preverted now is Bill and Ted Cruz has even surpassed them with his scent of cunt on his breath.

Nuff Said.