Friday, March 25, 2016

Why Are Somalians In Minnesota

Just Put Uniforms on the Terrorists and give them Guns

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Viking inquired of me as to why in hell or Minnesota, that there were 100,000 Somalians in his Fatherland, and the answer from the horse's mouth is LUTHERAN SOCIAL SERVICES again, just like North Dakota.

Do not blame George W. Bush funding for this one, as this started back in the 1990's, and it is interesting in the Somali's were employed to replace Mexican slave labor at chicken picking plants.
Historically the beaner came to Minnesota to weed sugar beets for your sugar in America, but these seasonal workers became chicken killers, and it is interesting that in George HW Bush years, that the great Muslim Negroid dump began in Minnesota...........and it was that goddamned baby killer GOPliter Governor Arne Carlson who was behind this during the Bush41 and Clinton years.

How about a quote from a Somali chic from Kenya.

For me it was to see a familiar face. My plane (not a bus or a boat) landed in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Minnesota is a great state. A lot of Somalis were brought here by Lutheran Social Service back in the 90s. And a lot of Somalis brought here to America due to the civil war of 1991 and moved to Minnesota from other states for jobs. Almost every Somali in Minnesota who came here between 1991 and 1998 worked at the chicken factories in Faribault and Marshall.

I deem the actual number of these Afroids is more than 100,000 as this chica was moving around all over these United States, and in the jungle telegraph found out that Minnesota was the land of freebies, so they all took a dump  there.

I really want this covert operation of Lutheran Social Services investigated and these traitors investigated as they are behind most of this terror import into America.

The Viking has an ability to write things to me, like my 14 hour days, before he knows I write about things like that, and then he apologizes, but makes up for it in sending me pictures of women with big lips who work for Channel 5 there, which is ABC and sort of home to the biggest accumulation of babery in America. Lord God, that station does not let many ugly women get close to the camera ever.

 I am certain having large lips assists in reporting the News

So any way, that is why Minnesota is the terror port of America.......and no the Viking never offends me as I marvel at his psychic sight and understand how Noah endured before the flood. Maybe the falls  of St. Paul will flood it all out and the carp in the Mississippi will grow to record sizes, engorged on Somali tidbits.

Watch out for any hate speech in Minnesota as their troopers will shoot you faster than you can say Finicum for saying you do not like terrorists.